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News from Kent Little at Sea Lake Yacht Sales
February 2002

Greetings and thanks for allowing me to email you my newsletter instead of direct mail. When I started my newsletter almost 10 years ago, I got a lot of positive comments from clients who liked getting information about new boats, new listings and other points of interest about the Yacht Brokerage business. As some of you will know, I used to mail this out on a monthly basis. Then it went to every other month, and then quarterly and recently I was lucky if I could just send it out 3 times a year. As I told you in the last mailing, the cost of postage and printing direct mail was becoming to costly. It is my hope that a direct emailed Newsletter will allow me to keep you more informed on a regular basis, plus let you know when we get new listings, or new boat models sooner. Plus you'll have direct Internet links to items of interest like new listings and new boat models. If, by chance you prefer not to receive this newsletter or you would like to have it sent to a different email, just email me back and let me know. If you know someone who might like to receive my newsletter, just let me know. Their location is unimportant. That's the beauty of email; it's worldwide so it doesn't matter where they live. My goal is not to bombard you with emails, but keep you informed. If I get a new listing or something interesting happens, I may send out a quick announcement, otherwise you'll probably just hear from me about every 6-8 weeks. My email list will be private and not "sold" to anyone. I value our relationship as private. This first newsletter may be a bit crude, a bit long and not in the format that I would like to see, but I thought it important to get the news out now! What you find later this spring is that I will be emailing you a website address that you can visit at your leisure that will have the newsletter contained in it. It's only going to get better, but thanks for your patience while I perfect it.



Everyone’s question these days is how is the market?  I can tell you that our market is still fine. Personally sales in 2001 were only down for me by a little and that’s comparing it to a record year.  For Sea Lake in whole 2001 was down just slightly under 2000.  Not bad for a year that we were in a “recession.” The new boat manufacturers keep building new more interesting product and that has kept the new boat market really going. In fact nationally last year at all the major boat shows, most of which were within sixty days of 9/11, sales of new boats were at or above 2000 numbers. I think we all value our time now more now than ever. We all would rather spend more time with our families. What better way to do it than to spend some time on a boat? Boating eliminates stress. Boating builds family relationships. Boating builds self-esteem in kids. A boat is a condo on the water that you can move anywhere. Boats are tax deductible as a second home.  In fact I can’t think of any negative impacts that boating can do for you or your family? What other family activity can you do that has all these merits?

Most of you know that we have been appointed the Island Packet Dealer for Texas for both their Sailboats and the new Packet Craft 360, which we displayed at our January Boat Show. Response to both was good and we had a lot of IP owner’s that came up to tell us how glad they were that we had the dealership. We’re excited too and in 17 years of selling boats, I’ve hardly ever seen a group that is as excited about their boats as the IP clan here.  We look forward to your inquiries on the boats. Right now we have the Packet Craft 360 (power), an IP 380 and a leftover 2001 IP350 that we “inherited”.   Even at base prices these boats offer a lot of value for the money, but I’m sure that 350 may have a little bit better deal on it than normal.  There is also a new 485-center cockpit IP in the works. This boat will be the queen of the IP fleet. The preliminary info I have seen is really good and the IP owners must think so also because I have heard they had 20 deposits before the boat was even built. Hull #1 is coming out this summer. If you want to be informed about more info as the IP 485 comes out, just let me know. To read more info about IP go to

The New model CATALINA 350 is a hit! —8 sold at her debut at Sail Expo.  This is the long awaited bigger sister to the Cat 310. Same centerline queen berth layout as the Cat 310, but this one has a full aft cabin, much larger galley, separate shower in the head and more. This is not the Cat 34 or 36 hull or deck. She’s an all-new boat.  In fact I’ve heard she’s got 6’-6”+ headroom.  I’ve got dozens of digital photos that I can send to you and I’ll have more that I can send after I return from the Miami boat show, but if you’d like to see some photos now, here is a link to a site that a current Cat 320 owner posted on the web. Catalina 350 Photos. These are not the greatest so if you want more photos, a brochure etc, just email or call. When this boat was announced at the Catalina dealer meeting last summer, I knew it would be a huge hit. We’ve ordered 4-5 boats and I expect they will all be pre sold before delivery. I expect the first boat to arrive by summer.

We’ve also got a Catalina 470, 310, and 28MKII and a trailer able Cat 250 in stocks at the office for immediately delivery. All are 2002 and ready for your options.  Most all other models can now be delivered with in a 4-6 month time frame, but that still puts us into summer, so don’t wait long. If you can’t make it by the office right away all of Catalina’s models can be view at

Beneteau has had some great success with a few new models this year too. I delivered the first all new 393 last fall and the second boat, a 3-cabin model, is here being commissioned for an owner who is going to live aboard in Mexico. If you’ve ever wondered how custom and detailed a boat can be done, come and see this boat before she leaves. She literally has everything; custom dingy davits, gen-set, water maker, dive compressor including custom dive tank racks to a flat panel TV. She’ll probably be here until the end of February.  The all-new First 36.7 arrives later this month and I know there is a group of folks who want to see this boat. This all-new Farr design is the little sister to the race circuit famous First 40.7 and this boat can be on the course with racing sails for under $150K.  I am commissioning this first hull, however, for a family with young kids, so she can be a great Galveston Bay cruising boat also.  

There is also a New 42 Center Cockpit coming out that is going to have a introductory base price so low, I’m scared to tell you. I’ve ordered one boat at that price and it arrives late in the summer. The boat is a new design done by Finot and has real great lines with a traditional transom that features a sliding aft platform concealing a two-step stairway with a dropdown gangway platform.  You can see some of the preliminary info for this boat at this site: New Beneteau 42 Center Cockpit.  On the French Beneteau site there is a layout at, 42 Center Layout.  Contact me ASAP about for more info on pricing on the new 42CC. I also know that there is a new Farr designed 57-Center Cockpit in the works. I have some preliminary drawings, but nothing that is email able yet. If you’re interested send me your address or fax number and I’ll get it to you. My guess is it will debut at the Paris Boat show this December.  As it is with most new Beneteau models these models are selling out fast, so contact me right away if you want more details.  We’ve also got a First 33.7, 331, 361 and a 473 in stock and ready for immediately delivery.

Fountaine Pajot Catamarans:  We’ve been representing FP for 5 years now and although we don’t stock them, the decision to handle these boats was based upon where I saw some of the market demand going. I also wanted a company that I knew would be around for years.  Now 5 years later I can tell you that I have had more inquiries about catamarans than ever and it’s only inevitable before you start seeing some more in our area. Especially now since FP has ventured into the Catamaran Trawler Market! Right now FP offers a 38, a 43, a 46 and a 56 in Sail Catamarans and in power they offer a 34 and a 37. The Cat trawlers have over 1000 mile range!  New on the horizon are a new 40 Sailboat and a larger version of the 37 Trawler in 43 feet. Both will be out later this spring. The Catamaran market is coming alive in Texas. If you’re serious or just curious, let me know what your thoughts are. You can find more info on FP at

On the Pacific Seacraft front, we have a new Crealock 44 that has been sold and should be delivered to her new owner this May. When the 40 came out, many people bought it over the 44 so there are very few 44’s around. Swing by late in May to have a look at this boat. Many people know that PS decided about 2 years ago to not build anything under 34. Which was disappointing as there are just not any high quality pocket cruisers being built anymore. But PS buyers prevailed and the decision was made to continue to build the Dana 24.  We just delivered a new boat to an owner who had an older Dana, sold it, missed it and decided to order a new one.  In all I think about 15-16 Newer versions of the Dana have been built. The base price is 69K and there are not a lot of frills. For those of you who can’t wait I have an excellent example of a ‘98 Dana in brokerage for 84900. Which might sound high, but I can tell you that if you duplicated this ’98 Dana into a new one, with the options, you’d be over $100K. Here is a link to the Dana, "Delphis" Dana 24. She’s a terrific boat and even has A/C.

PS continues to build the Dana 24, Crealock designed 34, 40, Pilothouse 40 and 44. Plus the Bruce King designed 38T Fast Trawler. I have also have a nice ‘94 Crealock 34 and ‘98 Crealock 37 right now in brokerage. I have more details on them below.

In case you’re wondering what is the difference between the Island Packet Yachts and Pacific Seacraft. There’s plenty. Both are excellent boats that are built to high standards, however, PS are more a semi custom boat that we can change.  Ordering a PS boat is just the beginning. The option sheet for a 40 alone is 6 pages long! Neither 40 that I delivered in the last 2 years was identical.  It’s the custom options that are available that make the PS boat different. The Island Packet cannot be ordered with custom factory options. Although the boat has a lot on it standard, there are only a few options you can order from the factory.  You can find out more about Pacific Seacraft at

Moody Yachts, our center cockpit only line from the UK has just come out with a few new models. The 38, 47 and 54 are all new models with the 47 being the newest. Moody’s interiors are exquisitely beautiful in all regards with high gloss piano type finishes in either Teak or Cherry. They fill a real niche in our market for center cockpit boats. If you’re interested, I just delivered a new 42 last fall, which can probably be seen by appointment.   I also believe that there is a new 40-43’ model in the works due to be out this fall. You can read more about Moody Yachts at

Sea Lake is generally thought of as a Sailboat dealer, but I’ve already told you about a few powerboats that we represent. We also have a Motoryacht style trawler line from the Far East called Heritage. I looked for years for a Far East builder that would have that gorgeous teak interior that only they can do, but that wouldn’t have the Far East problems of bad wiring and plumbing, stainless steel etc. Plus it had to be reasonably priced. In the mid 80’s the Taiwanese dollar grew too strong against the USD so the boats being built there were fast approaching what it cost to build a boat here! But in the early 90’s China started opening their doors to the boat builders and all of a sudden we had an incredible labor force for a lot less money. Now there is a bit of a learning curve to getting the finish right on a boat and I wouldn’t have run over there in 1990 to pick up a line, but when I saw the Heritage 36 at the invitation of the importer in 1999, I knew I had found the boat I had been looking for. This boat is absolutely gorgeous with the fine detail work you expect in a Far East design and she features all US hardware, plumbing and wiring. The boat is a motoryacht configuration so in 36’ feet you really have the space of a 42’ trawler in the normal trunk cabin configuration. The best thing though is the price. The boat base prices for about $240K landed here in Houston. We’ll equipped she’ll be under $300K. That’s a new 36’ 210 hp diesel powered Trawler for the price of what some gas engine production models are going for.  Plus Heritage is introducing a new 42 this spring with a twin 220 Cummins at a super introductory price of $349K and that includes the gen-set!  There will also be a 46’ coming out soon and both the 42’ and the 46’ can also have a 4’ cockpit extension added to them. I’ve delivered one Heritage 36 already and I currently have the other one in stock. Heritage doesn’t have a web site yet, but if you’d like to see photos you can go to Heritage 36 Trawler to view photos of our boat. I have line drawings of the 42 that I can send to you if you’d like.

We also represent Albin Marine built in Rhode Island. Albin has terrific down east style family cruisers and sport fishing designs.  We have 28 Tournament Express in stock (we’ve delivered 2) and we have delivered our first 36 Express Trawler. If the Heritage 36 is too slow for you, how’s a trawler that does 24 knots sound? Our next 36 arrives late in March with a Dark Blue hull. You can find our more about Albin at

Clients on the move: I often get asked if all these boats that get sold go anywhere? The answer is YES! Here’s a short list of clients that I have who are right now fulfilling their dream of GOING CRUISING.

A have clients that have cruised a Vagabond 42 from here to Florida, to the Caribbean then to Grenada and back to the Florida panhandle.  Another Vagabond 42 in route from Grenada back to St Vincent. This particular client lives here and still has a company that he runs, but finds the time to go cruising. Since I sold this family of 5 the boat in ’94 they have put over 12K miles on her. I have one client with a CT56 currently lying in Port Lucaya, Grand Bahamas, for the winter. There’s a Cheoy Lee 53 motorsailer that lives in St. Lucia.  This one is kind of cheating as we bought the boat there and the owner said, why bring it back! St Vincent and the Grenadines are less than a day sail away!  I even have one couple that left here in 98 on a 42 Center cockpit that are now in New Zealand. I also had one client 3 years ago that actually did a circumnavigation on a 53’ He’s back now, working towards going again.  I’ve got dozens of others that have cruised to Mexico, Florida, and the Bahamas, up the East Coast and beyond that have gone and brought their boats back here.  Most are just working towards going again.

I will make one comment on the above folks. With the exception of the New Zealand clients, none of these folks are retired. Some have taken 1-2 year sabbaticals. But most have businesses they are running here and they go to the boat 5-6 times a year and sometimes 1-2 months in the summer and they go cruising. The real story here is that anyone can do this. You don’t need cut all your ties, sell the house, the cars, take the kids out of school etc.  If you want to, you can go.  But you don’t have to go the Islands to have fun on a boat. There are plenty of opportunities at home, plenty of races and events to get involved in and places to day cruise to. Plus the Texas Coast just gets better the further south you go. 


I’ve just listed some really great BROKERAGE BOATS. You can view our entire list at the end of this newsletter but for now I’ll start with my most recent listings. If you want to see photos of the boat just double click on the model of the boat and you’ll be sent to the site showing the photos. I do not keep full listings on this site, but if you want full listings emailed, faxed or mail just email me.

1985 Passport 47 Center Cockpit.  One of only four built in this series and a great Bob Perry design. This particular boat came from the West Coast where her owners bought her from the first owner in ’90. They cruised her south to Mexico and thru the Canal and ended up here. They are on now to other things, hence she’s for sale. To say these folks are particular is an understatement. They have treated this boat like it’s their baby and it shows. The boat needs very little and could go cruising tomorrow. She’s got most everything already, dingy, davits, water maker, high output gen-set driven alternator, cold plate refrigeration and all the electronics. . Asking is a reasonable $265K.  This boat shouldn’t last long in a market where there aren’t many center cockpits like this out there.

1998 Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37.  A Terrific boat, I sold her new to her one owner and she is the only boat available that has a bulkhead-mounted table in the salon, which greatly opens up the living space. That’s just one of the semi custom things we had PS do to make this boat special for her first owner. She’s well equipped with just about everything from SSB to Radar. Never cruised and never damaged. The pedigree of her builder speaks for itself. Replacement would be 300K. ”SeaJay” is asking 254K, is seriously for sale and awaits your inspection.  If 37 is too big I also have a real nice 1994 Pacific Seacraft Crealock 34. We also sold her new and she has been here all her life and never really cruised. She’s only been sold as her owners moved up to larger PS boats Asking has been lowered to $149K, which is the least expensive ’94 on the market.

1991 Sabreline Sedan Cruiser. Anyone looking at this boat will think she is 1-2 years old. She is flawless and since selling her to these owners in  ’96 they have done nothing but pamper this fine Maine built cruiser. She’s got twin Cummins 210, recent awl gripped hull, new electronics and a completely redecorated interior. Her engine hours are under 75O and under 250 on the gen-set. Talk about a nice cruiser for 175K.  Replacement is far beyond $300K and this boat  LOOKS NEW! Make sure you see the photos of  “Stars on the Water” by hitting the boat name above.

I’ve got 4 great Ericson Yachts listed.  First a '93 Ericson 38.  Which was one of the Pacific Seacraft built boats that we sold new. Asking is $139,500. Second, a '84 Ericson 381.  I sold to the current owners in ’98. They have kept her well. Asking is $61500. 86 Ericson 35.  Same great Bruce King designed cruiser as the ones above with the optional 4’11” shoal draft.  Asking is 59,900. And an 89 Ericson 34 with the optional shoal draft wing keel asking is $67,500. All of these boats are immaculate and have A/C. The pride of owner ship shows in every one. All are located close by except for the ’93 38’ which is in Port Isabel.

I’ve also got 2 really great late model Beneteau 461’s listed. One is a '99 Beneteau Oceanis 461and is a 3 cabin. She’s been on the market in the past but her asking price was very high then. She’s been lowered down now to a very reasonable $285K. I’m not joking when I tell you she has so much gear that her replacement would be 370K. I’ve also got a well-equipped 2000 Beneteau Oceanis 461 which is a 2-cabin boat.  Both of these boats have less than 100 hours, gen-sets, dual Radars/Chart plotters, and 2-A/C’s. I sold both of these boats new and equipped them with open checkbooks for the owners. Both are still like new. One fellow is moving out for a while and one is moving up. Opportunity knocks for the right buyer on either vessel.

If you’re looking for great Center Cockpits, I’ve got them. '83 Vagabond 42.  Remember the comments above about the two boats that are out cruising? Well this is not one of them, but a Sister ship. I’ve sold her twice before and she is very seriously on the market, recently lowered to 149K.  She had a bit a re-fit in 97/98 with new gen-set, sail, and electronics. She is the most reasonable V42 on the market and has the best gear. Plus no teak decks. She also is a George Stadel design and has a modern modified fin keel underbody. Only her looks are traditional and she only needs new cosmetics on her exterior wood to make her look fabulous.

For a more contemporary look, check out the '88 Endeavour 42. I also sold this boat to her owners in ’97 and I must admit they have spent far more time upgrading and beautifying than they ever did sailing. The boat is just immaculate and has all new electronics. If the 42 is too big I also have a great buy on a '85 Endeavour 38.  Both boats are Johann Valentjin designs, but just know that both boats are long broad fin keels. They are quick and safe offshore. The 38 is basically a little sister to the 42 with the same layout and look.

We also have two fine examples from the Ta Shing yard. Both were sold by one of my colleagues to the current owners but both deserve some attention.  First up, an '86 Norseman 447, a terrific Bob Perry design and second an ‘89 Taswell 43, which is a Bill Dixon design, the same designer as our Moody Yachts. Both boats are from the renowned Ta Shing yard and both have great lines and a performance underbody. The Taswell is not yet on the net, but if you want photos email me and I can return email them to you.

Some of the other listings I’d like to bring to your attention are: '90 Pearson 34. The last one made and I sold her new and then to the current second owners. Centerline berth forward and a nice layout with a separate shower. Hard to beat at Only 79K.  '98 Nauticat 32 A Terrific Finland built Pilothouse motorsailer with little to no exterior wood. Very rare here, this boat New would be about $200K. Asking is 159K. I’ve also got two late model Catalina’s for your consideration. First a 2000 Catalina 320. She’s set up to live aboard with custom cabinets in the bow for extra storage. Recently lowered to $95K she’s a good buy. Second is a '97 Catalina 30MKIII. She’s real clean, one owner, has A/C and is reasonable at $67500 asking.

Hit this to go to our online Brokerage page to see photos for any of the boats listed below.  Call or email me for full specs on any boat shown. Remember that I am a Florida Licensed Broker and one of the few in Texas. I regularly sell boats all over the US. I can represent you in any transaction and can give you references plus I have 17 Consistent Years in Yacht Sales. Thanks for reading my newsletter------Kent Little



80 FT. 1986          BRISTOL CUSTOM (3 STATEROOMS/6 HEADS,TWIN DIESELS). . . 990,000

61 FT. 1964          ABEKING & RASMUSSEN (STEEL HULL CUTTER,1996 REFIT) . .  375,000



46 FT. 1999          BENETEAU 461 (2 STATEROOMS,LIKE NEW). . . . . . . . . . 285,000

46 FT. 1999          BENETEAU (3 CABIN,GEN,A/C,RADAR) . . . . . . . . . . . .285,000

46 FT. 2000          BENETEAU 461 (GEN,A/C,DUAL RADARS-2 STATEROOMS). . . . .279,000

44 FT. 1986          NORSEMAN 447 (CENTER COCKPIT,GEN,A/C ++). . . . . . . . 265,000


44 FT. 1995          BENETEAU (NEW GEN,A/C,CENTER COCKPIT LOW HOURS) . . . . 244,900 PA

43 FT. 1989          TASWELL (BEAUTIFUL CENTER COCKPIT,LOADED). . . . . . . .249,000

43 FT. 1993          J/130 (RACE RIGGED,CARBON SPAR,RACE READY). . . . . . . 210,000* SOLD

43 FT. 1984          GERAGHTY (RACE BOAT,CUSTOM BUILT) . . . . . . . . . . . 119,000

43 FT. 1974          TARTAN (RACE PROVEN,LARGE SAIL INVENTORY). . . . . . . . 68,500 PA

42 FT. 1998          CATALINA (MKII,3 STATEROOMS,A/C,DINGY,& OB) . . . . . . 186,900

42 FT. 1988          ENDEAVOUR (FULL REFIT GEN-A/C,CENTER COCKPIT) . . . . . 175,000

42 FT. 1983          VAGABOND (NEW SAILS AND GEN,ELECTRONICS,CC KETCH). . .  149,000*


38 FT. 2000          CATALINA (GENSET,A/C,LIKE NEW). . . . . . . . . . . . . 159,000

38 FT. 1993          ERICSON (PACIFIC SEACRAFT BUILT,A/C,DODGER++). . . . . .139,500 



38 FT. 1982          LITTLE HARBOR (CB TED HOOD DESIGNED). . . . . . . . . . 119,900*

38 FT. 1993          BENETEAU 38S5 (RACE & CRUISE EQUIPPED,FIRST SERIES). . .105,000

38 FT. 1985          ENDEAVOUR (CENTER COCKPIT). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .89,500*

38 FT. 1984          BENETEAU FIRST 38 (WHEEL,AIR CONDITIONING). . . . . . . .84,900

38 FT. 1984          ERICSON (381 MODEL,CLEAN OPEN LAYOUT). . . . . . . . . . 61,500 PENDING


37 FT. 1995          HUNTER (VERY CLEAN). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .112,500 PA

37 FT. 1984          TARTAN 37 (CENTERBOARD,A/C,NEW RIGGING +). . . . . DEAL PENDING*

37 FT. 1980          TARTAN 37 (DEALER TRADE-IN,MAKE OFFER,NEW A/C) . . . . . 59,000

37 FT. 1980          ENDEAVOUR (A PLAN W/OPEN DINETTE FORWARD). . . . . . . . 55,000 PA

37 FT. 1977          ENDEAVOUR (GEN SET,AIR CONDITIONER). . . . . . . . . . . 42,900 PA

36 FT. 1987          CATALINA (LOTS OF UPGRADES/IMPROVEMENTS 2000/2001). . . .75,000 SOLD

36 FT. 1979          ISLANDER (WHEEL,DIESEL,GREAT CONDITION). . . . . . . . . 55,000*

36 FT. 1979          C&C  (A/C,DIESEL). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44,900* SOLD

35 FT. 1975          C&C MARKII (IB GAS,50 HRS SMOH,DOCK AC,VERY CLEAN) . . . 39,900 PA


34 FT. 1994          PACIFIC SEACRAFT (VOYAGEMAKER, CUTTER RIG, A/C). . . . .159,000  

34 FT. 1990          PEARSON (A/C,CENTERLINE FWD BERTH LAYOUT). . . . . . . . 79,000

34 FT. 1989          ERICSON (VERY CLEAN,AFT CABIN,NEW A/C). . . . . . . . . .67,500*

34 FT. 1983          HUNTER (BIG 34,LOTS OF EXTRA SAILS & EQUIPMENT) . . . . .33,900*

33 FT. 1988          CAL (HERE ON THE DOCK,A/C,RF,BIMINI,DODGER). . . . . . . 61,000*

33 FT. 1979          TARTAN (POPULAR RACER,MANY SAILS,DIESEL). . . . . . . . .17,000

32 FT. 1998          NAUTICAT (PILOTHOUSE,A/C,RF,INSIDE STEERING) . . . . . .159,000*

32 FT. 2000          CATALINA 320 (SET UP FOR LIVE-A-BOARD CUSTOM CABINETS) . 94,900


32 FT. 1984          ELITE (AIR,RF,AFT CABIN) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25,000*

32 FT. 1969          SEAFARER (BLUEWATER CRUISER,WHEEL,DIESEL,GPS) . . . . . .14,000

31 FT. 2000          CATALINA (310,AIR,INMAST FURLING,LOADED). . . . . . . . .99,000*

31 FT. 1987          PEARSON (EXTRA EQUIPMENT,GREAT BOAT). . . . . . . . . . .53,900* SOLD

31 FT. 1986          DEHLER (WHEEL,DIESEL,NICE BOAT). . . . . . . . . . . . . 25,900


30 FT. 1983          CATALINA (21 HP DIESEL,WHEEL). . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32,900


30 FT. 1978          RANGER (NEW BIMINI,NEW INTERIOR,CLEAN BOAT). . . . . . . 23,000

30 FT. 1977          CATALINA MK III (ATOMIC 4,A/C,MANY SAILS). . . . . . . . 19,000 NL

29 FT. 1984          BAYFIELD (NICE FULL KEEL CRUISER). . . . . . . . . . . . 25,000


28 FT. 1975          WILEY (COMPLIMENT OF RECENT SAILS,SSH SLIP INCLUDED). . .13,900              

28 FT. 1979          DUFOUR (DIESEL,TILLER,BOTTOM JOB 1 YR OLD). . . . . . . .13,500

27 FT. 1990          HUNTER (WHEEL,DIESEL,NEW BOTTOM). . . . . . . . . . . . .21,500* SOLD


27 FT. 1977          CATALINA (A/C,BIMINI,DSL OVERHAULED MAY ‘99) . . . . . . .9,900* SOLD

25 FT. 1978          PACIFIC SEACRAFT (HERE ON DOCK). . . . . . . . . . . . . 17,000*

25 FT. 1986          CATALINA (REUPHOLSTERED JUNE 2000/NEW BOTTOM JUNE 2000) . 8,500*




23 FT. 1988          BENETEAU 1ST 235 (5HP OB,GOOD SHAPE). . . . . . . . . . . 10,000
22 FT. 1981          S2 (EX-WEDS. NIGHT RACE BOAT CHAMPION). . . . . . . . . . 7,995

65 FT. 1989          JEFFERSON (CUSTOM LUXURY MOTOR YACHT,BRISTOL COND). . . 575,000 HYC        

60 FT. 1973          CHRIS-CRAFT ROAMER (DETROIT 12V71TI,2 GEN) . . . . . . .329,000

52 FT. 1990          JEFFERSON (TWIN DIESEL,LOADED & VERY NICE) . . . . . .  396,000 PA

39 FT. 1996          TROJAN (SUPER LOW HOURS,EX COND,READY FOR PLAY) . . . . 138,000*

38 FT. 1997          CARVER 380 SANTEGO (LOW HRS,LOTS OF UPGRADES,CLEAN) . . 135,000*


34 FT. 1982          CALIFORNIAN (LONG RANGE CRUISER). . . . . . . . . . . .  59,500 PENDING

33 FT. 1979          BERTRAM (TWIN GAS,LOW HRS,NICE INTERIOR,A/C,GEN SET). . .53,500 PA          

28 FT. 1990          CARVER (T/GAS INBDS,DOCK A/C) . . . . . . . . . . . . .  39,900 PA

28 FT. 1983          AQUA SPORT (NEWLY REBUILT,I/GAS ENGINES). . . . . . . . .28,300 PA

27 FT. 1988          BOSTON WHALER (T225 JOHNSON ’95,TOWER,DOCKSIDE,A/C). . . 53,500 PA

27 FT. 1998          CROWNLINE (DOCKSIDE A/C,LOW HRS,CLEAN) . . . . . . . . . 39,900 PA

26 FT. 1986          SHAMROCK (SINGLE IB-TRAILER). . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18,500 PA

25 FT. 1990         PRO-LINE (TWIN ENGINES,GREAT FISHING). . . . . . . . . . 16,000 PA               

24 FT. 1981         GRADY WHITE (225 OB,TRAILER). . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17,500 PA

20 FT. 1987         GRADY WHITE (CENTER CONSOLE,150 OB,KICKER,NICE) . . . . .13,900 PA                 


CATALINA       All have standard instruments and sails_________________________________________

250     Centerboard, w/Trailer, Wheel steering ,Enclosed Head                 In Stock

28 MK II Wheel, Diesel,2 cabins                                               In Stock

310       Centerline queen berth forward                                         In Stock

42 MKII New layout with centerline queen in forward cabin                     In Stock

470       Catalina’s Flagship Yacht offers a huge interior layout                In Stock

BENETEAU  Most Models have furling main sails & jib as standard________________________

First 33.7       Newest racer/cruiser out                 In-Stock Now Heavy Dealer Demo Discount

Oceanis 331       Newest Oceanis out, two cabin, enlarged head               In Stock

Oceanis 361 A real hit, 7 sold, separate shower and more                     In Stock

473          Newest Flagship from Beneteau                                   In Stock

393          Newest Model Out. 3 Cabin Commissioning here now!          2 Cabin on Order

28 Albin Tournament Express 28 kts w/300hp dsl, At our dock                   In Stock

36 Albin Express Trawler 22kts in a traditional trawler-                New 2002 Model          Arrives in May

36 HERITAGE          Trawler- Huge double cabin layout, economy cruise.       In Stock


35 Island Packet 2001 model                                In Stock

360 Packet Craft Express     2002 model                    In Stock

38 Island Packet            2002 model                     In Stock                   



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