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August - September Issue # 4

Watergate Yachting Center
1500 Marina Bay Drive, Pier 23
Kemah, TX. 77565

Well it's Boat Show Time Again. Our best show of the year is the Annual In the Water Show right here at our office at Watergate Yachting Center Sept 26-29th. We expect to have a full house to display with over 18 new and 50 brokerage boats to view. The show starts at 10am, but our office at the dock, Pier 23, is open by 9am and is just right of the show entrance. So if you come early, come by the dock. More on what we will have at the show later.

The State of the Market?

The Boat Market that is. I keep getting asked if the boat market has slowed? Well of course it has! What hasn't this year!? We all know the stock market is in the tank. It sure seems now that a lot of the 90's driven economy was based upon false accounting principles. But you know what? There is nothing we can do about it now. We must go forward. Sure everyone has been hit, but what a good time to evaluate what's important to you in life. You family. Your friends and time spent together. What a good time to own a boat! Interest rates are low. REALLY LOW! Sellers' are more reasonable now on their asking prices and more negotiable. And the new boat manufacturers are giving us more incentives than ever to sell boats. (You should see some of the boat show specials--Call, email me or come to the show to find out what those specials are.) The question I keep getting asked is how's the boat market? People know that if I'm still selling boats then things can't be that bad 'cause why would people be still buying boats if things were that bad? I can tell you that we have not gone full circle from the seller's market that we've had for 8 years to now a buyer's market. Sure there are some good deals out there, but I still found deals when everything was selling sky high. It all depends upon what you're looking for and who's representing you. Bottom line is if you want to get a good deal on a new or used boat, Now is the time to buy! There are already indicators coming out that this "recession" is ending.

Turn off CNBC and MSNBC and stop watching this market. You can't do anything about it anyway. Take some money out of this market and put it in a boat. I guarantee you that your boat isn't going to lose 40% value per year like this market has these past few years. If you think you're going to wait to recover some, forget it. You could be dead first. Start living and go boating! At least you'd have an asset to show for your hard work!

New Boats IN STOCK NOW or at the show

¨ Beneteau 473 (Under $300K equipped 2 also sold on order in 3 cabin arrangement)
¨ Beneteau 42 C. Cockpit Debuts at the Show! (Sold! Second boat on order-Under $200K)
¨ Beneteau 393 (2 cabin, but 3 Cabin 02 model just came into brokerage-see below)
¨ Beneteau 361 (Great Layout-separate shower-$140-150K equipped)
¨ Beneteau 331 (Best Seller-Under $100-110K equipped)
¨ Beneteau 36.7 (IMS Champ! Race or cruise 2 local Under $150K-race ready)
¨ Beneteau 33.7 ('00 our Demo Race boat-Still w/ warranties-really really reduced)
¨ Catalina 250 (Great trailer able boat. Go sailing for under $200/month)
¨ Catalina 28 MKII (Great Starter--$60-70K equipped)
¨ Catalina 310 (Real popular and 90-100K equipped)
¨ Catalina 350 Debuts at the show (MUST SEE--$130-140K AT THE SHOW)
¨ Catalina 36MKII (Built since '83- $130-140K Equipped)
¨ Catalina 42 MKII (3rd Generation with Centerline Queen Forward < $200K equipped)
¨ Island Packet 350 '01 Blowout (Factory wants this one gone-Make Offer!)
¨ Island Packet 380 (All furling rig-Factory Incentives under $300 Equipped)
¨ Island Packet Packet Craft 360 Express Cruiser (Factory Incentives apply-Inquire)
¨ Albin 36 Express Trawler (Gorgeous! Go 20kts for the Low $300K's equipped)
¨ Albin 28 Demo-(Blow out on leftover model. Free fuel for a year)
¨ Heritage 36 Classic Trawler '01 Blowout (deal pending but under $275K equipped)

All of these boats will be on display at the show and all of them have some SUPER BOAT SHOW SPECIALS! We do take trades and we do have arrangements for the best financing rates at the show!

The Beneteau 42 Center Cockpit has arrived and is really neat design. The first one is already sold, but you'll see her at the show. We have another on order! She is unlike any other boat Beneteau has built to date. Traditional Transom and an excellent deck profile.

We will also finally have the long awaited Catalina 350 by Mid September. This boat too, will be in the show. There is also a New Beneteau 423 aft cockpit due out late this fall. Details are sketchy but I expect this boat to fall right in between the 393 and 473. I have heard it is not a replacement for the 411 as that boat is still selling well with the limited edition package that is offered. The 411 in fact is a super deal at the show with the limited package and the boat show special. But If I had to guess, it will have the deck profile of the 473 with the overhead sky lites. I also think we might see a centerline berth up forward. By the time you get this, I should have some more details so let me know if you're interested. Delivery times will probably be late Jan at this point in time and I'm sure Beneteau will offer a super introductory package like they always have. There is also a new Beneteau 57 Center Cockpit due out later this year. Details are still sketchy, but I have layouts if anyone is interested.

I have also managed to arrange a one-time deal on a New Island Packet 420. There are none here in the area and the factory would like to see one here. If you've had any interest this model, let me know ASAP. This is truly one of those once in a lifetime opportunities.

New Brokerage Listings, Reductions and News

'98 Pacific Seacraft Dana 24' $105 invested new, lowered again to $71,900
'83 Vagabond 42 Reduced to $129,900 Make offer! Last one sold here for $155K
'89 Taswell 43 Reduced to $199,999 Cheapest one in the country!
'84 Geraghty 43-Ex Racer now a great daysailer or possible cruising boat-$94,900
'84 C&C 37 Reduced again to 79,900
'86 Hans Christian 38T Reduced $25K to $99,900-THAT'S A BARGAIN!
'81 Cape Dory 33 Lowered to $57,500
'99 Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37 "Chanty" Lowered $10K to $239
'98 Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37 " Sea-Jay" Bulkhead table layout Also lowered to $239K

2002 Beneteau 393 is here on the dock for $229K ready to be immediately sold. Just commissioned at $270K she has every option: Gen-set, A/C, Radar, Dingy, Davits, Water maker, Dive Compressor and more. Owner's plans changed 180 degrees. She'll be a great deal for someone.

90 Island Packet 35 "Friendship" is now on the dock with photos on the website. She's had recent wax, canvas, servicing of gen-set and auxiliary and 3 coats of Cetol. $134,900. Owner wants out and might even trade for property if it was local here in or near Kemah.

81 Vagabond 47 "Mystique" now has photos on the website. Her owner has found another boat and wants this one sold. Asking is $179K. Make an offer. She's a large boat. Perfect for live aboard or cruising and well equipped.

77 Cherubini 44' Very Rare in these parts. I sold her to these owners in '99. Very Traditional and Very Classic. A head turner in every port. She's been repainted and looks exquisite. Details pending but should be 150K's Asking.

92 Pacific Seacraft Crealock 31. I sold this boat in 98 and her owner added new wheel steering (same as the new PS's), A/C, Pilot, new Canvas, Windlass and more. Asking is $105K

82 Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20 Just listed, details pending, but I sold to current owners a few years ago. Very clean and she is the preferred Inboard diesel model. Asking $26500.

99 Catalina 36 MKII. New listing. Really clean was in fresh water until a few years ago. Really loaded with gear and has 2 a/c's. Asking $135K, but he owner has requested all offers be presented.

'83 Morgan Out Island 415. Preferred 415 model that has a taller rig. 85 Perkins, New A/C and Gen-set, repainted. $93500. Details pending.

98 Catalina 320. Just listed. Sold to current owner when she was one year old. Very clean, full canvas, A/C. More details pending. Owner has moved up. $88K
Contact me for more details at or 284.334.0373 for info on any of the boats shown.

I made a big sweep of our listings in the Port A, Corpus, and Rockport area about 2 weeks ago. Here's what I looked at:
'85 Cheoy Lee Pedrick 36' $69,900. Nicer now than it was when I sold it to them 12 years ago. Clean with a/c and new gen-set. Well worth the money
'98 Island Packet 320 $160K As Good and Clean as New. I mean clean
'80 Endeavour 37 A Plan $55K. Cleaner now than it was when I sold it to them in 96.
'77 Endeavour 37 A Plan $42,900 Needs deck paint, not as clean but has gen and a/c Owner wants any offer.
'00 Beneteau 361 gen-set, A/C asking only $125K. Will take 115K??? Great deal!
'95 Hunter 37-very clean decent asking $97,500 and the model that has backstays etc,
'81 Cape Dory 33, Better than I sold it to him in '94. New diesel $57500
'86 Norseman 447-Still a great center cockpit from renowned Ta Shing builder

I shot over 200 photos of all these boats; so if you're interested and want to see some current photos, let me know.

Trade ins- that can have other boats traded against them
Need to move ASAP 2000 Beneteau 461 with every option. Asking--$279K MAKE OFFER
96 Beneteau First 36s7 Just taken in on new 42CC, One Owner, Clean $99,500 Make Offer.
2000 Catalina 310 $90K with A/C. $10K off of new. Owner decided to make the first Catalina 350 his. Great deal.
Email me for full specs or photos on any of these boats. You can go to our website and view all the boats by hitting this link: LISTINGS

Clients on the move
One of the joys of this business is seeing people that buy a boat actually take off and go somewhere. I sold a J/130 (43') to a fellow earlier this year and we shipped it to San Diego. This particular client had done a previous circumnavigation a few years before on a smaller 38' and was ready to go again. In case you're wondering he was about 40 years old, which adds to the credibility when I say, "If you're going to go, Go Now!" I thought you might like to read some of his emails he has sent me as he was sailing to the S. Pacific.

5/29/02 Hi, Kent - the trip is going well - I am more than halfway to Marquesas and almost across the equator and making good time.

7/1/02 As July Fourth approaches, it feels like the US is a million miles away - the boat log since Mexico less than two months ago reads like a Michener or Melville novel - with islands like Fatu Hiva, Hiva Oa, Nuku Hiva, Ua Pou, Takaroa, Manihi, and now Rangiroa in the Tuamotus of French Polynesia. After a hectic three weeks in San Diego refitting Bonkers with radar, long range radio, propane stove, sail furler, safety gear, water toys etc., I left in late April with two friends for Cabo and the shakedown cruise.

We had lots of wind for the run south along the Baja peninsula and eventually were able to shed layers of clothing until bathing suits only on the last day. We made two harbor entrances along the way - both at night, which I don't usually do, so I was very thankful for adding the radar.

Not a lot of time to sample the culture in Baja with the hurricane season approaching, so the boys headed north to San Fran and I bolted SW solo to the Marquesas - no masochists signing up for this 2800 mile leg. The first 1000 miles to the equator was a quick six days but after that got ugly with squalls and fluky winds where the north and south trade winds converge. After slogging thru that, I faced about five days of headwinds, which was unusual.

Turns out that they were created by hurricane Alma, the first of the season that crossed behind me by a week! Eventually the trades filled in and I made landfall in Fatu Hiva - one of the prettiest S Pac. Islands there is - after 17+ days and very happy to be there. In terms of speed, she is a fast boat, easily doing at least 8 knots in most winds - I spend a lot of time trying to slow her down!

A friend from SF flew in and we cruised thru the Marquesas for about two weeks, hiking, fishing and snorkeling. On one sail we caught two Wahoo, one a 50 pounder which made us popular at the next anchorage where we gave fish to the other yachtees. These islands are very mountainous (soaring spires to 3-4,000'), often using boats or horses for transport with some islands and villages supplied only monthly by boats. Just when it seems like paradise though there are some vicious mosquitos and sand flies (no-no's) on shore that jolt you back to reality.

We set sail for the Tuamotus with some trepidation since these islands are low lying atolls with usually only one pass to enter and numerous coral heads and tidal currents to navigate. After three days sail we made landfall at our first atoll, Takaroa, which was more of a medical call since in the morning of our arrival I slipped in the cockpit and sliced open my shin. The island is very small and only had a nurse. I convinced her that we should close the cut, so between the two of us we put some stitches in and I was in sickbay - i.e. no diving on the reef for 10 days! From there on to Manihi, an overnight away, which is famous for its black pearls. We loaded up on pearls from the locals and John did a lot of diving on the reef and passes.

Another overnight and we landed at Rangiroa, which unlike the rest of the islands so far has some tourism - one of the benefits is a hotel with restaurants, bars and television - good for watching the finals of the World Cup! John flew back to SF leaner after local fare for three weeks and stronger after lifting the anchor numerous times along the way. Another buddy from SF has arrived for three weeks. To keep his expectations in check, on his first day we worked on unclogging the head - life onboard can only get better. Should get the doctors nod on diving in a day or two after the stitches are out and we will then amble south to Tahiti (bright lights, big city), Moorea and Bora Bora before heading west to Tonga and Fiji.

Ahhh!, The beauties of email. I love seeing clients using their boats for their intended purposes.

In Closing
I have always said, I'm here to help you in any way I can with a new or used boat or just for advice regarding gear and equipment. You can do all your research on the 'net but you're still going to need someone to represent you and find out the real details. I have over 17 years of selling yachts. I've equipped countless yachts for offshore passage making and I'm sure my experience can help you. Whether you're interested in one of our listings or a listing nationally or internationally, contact me and let me explain how I can make the process much easier. I literally can help you with any boat in the world. Thanks for reading my newsletter!!!

Kent Little

Direct Line 281-334-0373

“Beyond Your Expectations”


News June 2002  


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