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Clear Lake Area people for boat related work that I Use

Most of these people I have used and they are the best around. If you get unsatisfactory work or find a number that doesn't work, please let me know. Please tell them that Kent Little sent you.

Mechanical, A/C, systems work, or electronics;
Blue water Ships Store, Jim Glandt 281-334-7583 then hit #2 for service.
Lake Wood Yacht Service 281-474-2885
Derek Day 281.334.3691 or 713.906.6765
Capt Lane Kitterlin 281-381-2557

General change out a bilge pump or the like:
Use Blue water (above)
Capt Lane Kitterlin 281-381-2557 is particularly good at taking care of those survey findings hit lists. He's also a licensed Capt.

Engine or Generator Service only:
Blue water or Lakewood above or
Rodney DeVillier 281-334-9211 cell 281-639-2658 or

Sails, Bimini or Canvas work:
Mark Matthews at Banks Sails North Canvas 281-334-7223

Wood "butchers" Guys that do excellent wood repair, cabinets or any type of wood construction;
Simon Hameka -281-339-2177, cell-281-923-3470
Roger Neitzel- 281-534-4301
Brad Dawson 281-538-3261
Bristol- 281-334-6495 (may be gone)

Varnish folks:
Marcy Dryer Pager 281-551-0338 (she does my boat)
Leah Land 281-334-0551 or pager 713-736-8684
Linda Leinen 281.326.2169
Ann Yeagle 281-334-6353
Todd Schumacher 281-551-8226 or 281-682-2293

Glasswork or gel coat repair:
Sammy-281-339-0800 (very good but seldom there)
Jim Simpson 281-326-4392 or pager 713-902-2511
David Weylen 281-334-4417 or cell 281-799-4272 or 281-527-6660
Jim Bone at Fiberglass TAC 281-339-1511
South Texas Yacht Service 281-334-SAIL (7245)

Stainless Steel Fabrication or Welding
Custom Rails, Jackie Hart-281-334-7471
Gary Smith 281 474 2858

Yards for bottom jobs:
South Texas Yacht Service 281-334-SAIL (7245)
Seabrook Shipyard 281-474-5186
Jim Simpson 281-326-4392 or pager 713-902-2511 (Jim has been out cruising and may be gone till June 02)

Boat cleaning, compounding, waxing or maintenance cleaning:
Lisa Turnbaugh pager 281-339-0597
Silda's Yacht Cleaning Service 281-471-3892 cell 713-817-1184
Todd Schumacher 281-551-8226
Gary Janecek pager 713-506-7723 or 281-332-6946
Colleen Witt 281-455-4869

Rigging work or inspections, life lines, swage fittings, change halyards, decommission a boat for shipping etc:
Scott Tuma 281-705-3712 or
Styx and Rigging 281-334-7849
Todd Hefner 281-474-4678
Hayes Rigging 281.474.4505

Divers for prop cleaning or zinc replacement:
Bob Saunders 281-326-6338
A Divers 281-922-4845 or 713-857-6603

Towing or ungrounding, ran out of fuel etc:
SEATOW 281-557-4117 or call on VHF Channel 16
(As of 6-02 Sea Tow is back in Business in Clear Lake.)
OR Boat US-800-888-4869. On either I highly recommend you get their $95 a year program that covers unlimited towing. One tow from the ship channel to Clear Lake can be $150+!

Holding tank pump out:
Maritime Sanitation 281-334-5978

Cleaning your interior cushions:
Carpet Joy in Seabrook, 281-474-5138. They will come to the boat and even pick them up for a small fee.

Captains to delivery your boat:
Capt Jack Davis-281-334-7081
Capt Ralph Lamb-713-503-9457 or 281-470-8309
Capt JW Hager (Corpus Christi) 361-946-3794


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