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June/July 2002 Issue #4

 Watergate Yachting Center, 1500 Marina Bay Drive, Pier 23, Kemah, TX. 77565

Who wants to go sailing? Who has the interest in a boat but just hasn’t had the time to go and see if they really like it? If this fits your description, then I want to hear from you. I’m thinking about organizing one, or two if I have the demand, “Try Sailing” afternoons. Meaning I’ll get together 4-6 people and take them out on one of our new boats for a 2-3 hour sail. Dates are pending, but I’m thinking about some time mid July. If you’re interested let me here from you.

If you want to just learn a bit more about sailing and what it’s like, I highly suggest you go to and ask for their free video. I got it just to see what its about and its very good.

New Boats in stock and other models

There is also a new Beneteau 57 center cockpit that is on the horizon for probably the spring of 2003. She will debut at the Paris Boat Show this Dec ‘03. Details are preliminary but you’ll notice some resemblance to the 42CC. This will be the biggest Beneteau built to date that is not in the custom CNB division. I look forward to seeing this new model when I get a chance. It would be a good excuse to go the Paris Boat Show again!  (The above link has worked and not worked so if it doesn’t and you want more info, just email me back and I can send line drawing etc.)

The New Catalina 350 will be here late July or early August. I know a lot of people are waiting to see this one. There have been over 50 boats already sold, so I believe we’ll be lucky to get 2 just this year and the first one is already sold.

I’ve also sold the Catalina 470 that we have in stock and another Beneteau 393 which will arrive mid July. We’ll have another Cat 470 in stock by the end of the summer, but the 393’s are starting to get harder to get. This boat just fits the right size for most folks.

We also still have in stock, a Beneteau 473, 361, 331 and the First 33.7. Plus we have the First 36.7 available here to be seen. We also have a Catalina 47 (commissioning), Catalina 42 and 310. Plus the Island Packet 380, 350 and the Packet Craft 36 power boat. In addition we have the new Albin 28, at our Port A office, and the new 36 Express Trawler that I mentioned. And last but not least the Heritage 36 Trawler.  So we have a lot to offer and honestly, we’d like to move out some of this inventory, so if we talked in the past or you have any interest in any particular model, the manufacturers are all offering some type of incentive right now. So let’s talk again.

New Listings

DEALER TRADE IN  2000 Beneteau Oceanis 461  LOADED is an understatement. She’s as fully found as you can find one of these models:  All Furling rig. Gen-Set, A/C’s, Pilot, Dual radar/Chart plotter. Electric halyard as well as electric primary winches. Extra Fuel tank. Asking $280K and other trades considered. OPPORTUNITY TRULY IS KNOCKING!

1993 Beneteau First 35s5 Truly the finest one on the market right now. She’s got all the gear to race or cruise. Updated sails and traveler, carbon spinnaker pole, A/C and clean, clean, clean. Asking is $87,900 and no disappointments.

1995 Beneteau Oceanis 351 Also just as mint and has all everything you need to go enjoy the boat today. Asking $92,500 and on our dock.

1988 Chris Craft Amerosport 284 Just purchased off of a lake in March, but the owners have found out they are moving. Being a fresh water boat her condition and engines are very clean. She only has 250 hours on the engine. Asking is a modest $29,900

1998 Island Packet 320 One owner boat with little to no hours. (75) As good as new for a lot less. Only asking $160K and located in Corpus.

1995 Beneteau Oceanis 400. One of the first years of the all-furling rig. This one has the mandatory A/C and instruments including a new Chart plotter. Replacement is well over $200K.  Asking is only 145K.

1981 Hunter 27 Totally awlgripped hull and deck. Wheel steering, inboard diesel, fastidiously clean inside for $15,500. I sold the owner a larger boat and he’s ready to sell.

1995 Catalina 400. Located in Dallas on the lake, but could be easily shipped here as it was shipped up there! Not a ton of gear needed for lake sailing but has A/C, inverter, extra sails and canvas and under 200 hours.

Just listed and details pending. 1981 Vagabond 47. I sold to the current owner about 3 years ago. She’s clean, never really been cruised. Has all the basics including gen and a/c. Priced well within book range at $179K. Her owner is moving up, so they would like and offer. Email me to send you the future specs if you’re interested. She’s a local boat and easy to see.

Just listed and details pending.  1990 Island Packet 350. Cruise ready with Gen-set, 2 A/C’s, Radar/Plotter and cold plate refrigeration.  She needs some minor cosmetics that are being done now to make her perfect. Asking is only $134,950. A new one starts a $211 base.

Just listed and details pending.  ’98 Pacific Seacraft 44.  We sold her new and she has every option plus all the sails and exterior canvas was replaced just last year. Details and asking price is pending, but should be around $475K Replacement on this boat is over $600K. Her owner wants her sold in 90 days!! Offers encouraged.  We also have a new one that was custom ordered for an owner that is coming in late July, but I can assure you that this one is near perfect with no expense sparred.

We have over $15 Million dollars in New and Used Inventory. If you'd like to browse any of our other listings just hit this link.

Reductions in Price

1998 Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37 Reduced from 249K to 239K. I sold this boat new. And she is above like new and a very good buy. She is also the only model on the market that has a bulkhead table. I also have 2 other nice models to offer

1998 Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 Reduced from 85K to 77,500. I also sold this boat new and she is also as clean as the day she came in. She even has Marine A/C.  Replacement would be close to $105K

1984 C&C 37   Reduced from $87K to $81,900. Super Clean and known winner on the local racecourse. Now here on the dock

1983 Vagabond 42 Center Cockpit Ketch.  Price is at a reasonable 149K, but her owners have told me to solicit ALL OFFERS. They have moved on to other things. She will be a good buy and is truly equipped to cruise with updated gen-set, instruments, sails, canvas, a/c and much much more. I have sold this boat 3 times. She’s a terrific boat that will make a great boat for another owner.

Other News

Fleet 10 of the International Catalina 30 Owners Association is being reorganized locally and having their second organizing meeting on Saturday July 13th at the Watergate YC Club House located at the beginning of pier 7 at 10 AM.  All sorts of activities are beginning to be planned including a raft up near Houston Yacht Club for the 4th of July fireworks.  Contact the local Fleet Capt. Denny Fegan 6103 Waltway Drive Houston, TX 77008. Phone 713-861-4196 or Since I own a Catalina 30 I can see great benefits of belonging to group of sister ship boats.

If you’ve been out to the Ship Channel lately you know that they are still dredging and I have heard that this is already some dumping going on at what will eventually be the new Redfish Island. For more details go to , but I also have some coordinates for the new boaters cut into Trinity Bay that I got from this site. This is good to leave on your boat.

Listed below for your information are the coordinates of the two boater cuts on the east side of the Houston Ship Channel (HSC) that are part of the Mid Bay dredging contract.  The purpose of these channels is to give waterway users access into and out of Trinity Bay.

The north boater cut, which lies between Lights 70 and 72, is completed but not officially open for use until it is re-dredged after the installation of the Mid Bay placement area some time next year and marked by the US Coast Guard. The Corps of Engineers makes no guarantees as to the present condition of the north cut and users do so at their own risk.  Boaters are urged to avoid use of the cut for safety reasons once contractors begin work on the placement area, which is currently estimated to be December 2002 or January 2003. Once construction of the Mid Bay placement area starts, the existing crossing at Light 68 will be permanently closed.  Prior to that time, we anticipate that a new 300-foot wide boater cut near Light 62 will be constructed.  We will request the Coast Guard to mark the south cut as soon as it is dredged.

Note that coordinates are given in degrees, minutes, and seconds.

North Boater Cut
Intersection with HSC:      29-34-58.29       94-56-02.51
East end of cut: 29-35-31.44;       94-55-06.11
South Boater Cut (not yet dredged)
Intersection with HSC:      29-32-30.10       94-54-08.54

East end of cut: 29-32-37.12       94-53-12.50

Racing News

Here’s the proof – Beneteau’s are scoring high worldwide!  These are just a few of the best results of the season to date.  This is a lengthy list, but just take a look at the results.

Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club 
Cold Water Series Race #1      First 36.7         “Quantum Leap”    1st Place
Cold Water Series Race #2      First 40.7         “Bullet”             1st Place

Niagara-on-the-Lake Sailing Club
Seven Year Series Race #2      First 36.7    “Seaweed”           1st Place

Rochester Yacht Club
First Wednesday Practice Race            First 36.7         “Affinity”             1st Place

Youngstown Yacht Club
First Wednesday Practice Race            First 36.7       “First Today”     1st Place
Cyril Read Series                   First 36.7      “First Today”  1st Place                      

Charleston Race Week        First Class 8     “Adrenaline Rush”     1st Place
Mardi Gras Regatta              First 36.7         “Ockhams Razor”       1st Place
Key West Race Week           Beneteau 38     “E-Ticket”             1st Place    PHRF 9
Key West Race Week           First 40.7         “Dame Blanche”      1st Place  PHRF5

Southwestern Yacht Club
Midwinter’s Regatta 2002        First 40.7         “Silhouette”          2nd Place PHRF 2
Cabrillo Racing Series 2002      First 40.7         “Silhouette”             1st Place PHRF 2

Texoma Lakefest Regatta    First 40.7       “Shaken Not Stirred”    1st Place  Fleet 1
Texoma Lakefest Regatta    First 47.7         “Vitesse”                 1st Place  Fleet 7

Baltimore City Yacht Association
Harbor Cup Regatta                             First 36.7                                 2nd Place



1st - MAIOR IMS CUP / IMS 2 / Germany : "Hanseatic Lloyd"

1st - OBELIX TROPHY / IRC B1 -France : "DSM / TBS"

1st - Red Funnel Easter Challenge / IRC 2 - England : "Bump in the night"

1st - Pasquavela / CHS 2 - Italy : "BOHNEUR"

2nd - Spi Ouest-France - SFR / IRC 4 - France : " DSM / TBS "

2nd - Cervantes Trophy Race / IRC 2 - RORC / England : "Consodata Group"

Beneteau USA announced the formation of an official First 36.7 One Design Class.  A conference call with various owners and dealers from around the country adopted the preliminary class rules, established a technical committee, elected officers and appointed regional representatives.  Immediate plans are underway to create a web site for the fleet at

With over 280 boats on order worldwide, fleets have started to form on the Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay, New England, and on the West Coast.  

Two First 36.7 Class events have already been scheduled:  The Inaugural Great Lakes Championship is set for July 27 – 28th in Youngstown, NY and the North American Championships will be November 2 – 3rd in Annapolis, MD.

Introduced last fall, the First 36.7 is already a winner in the market’s eyes. She has taken home prestigious awards such as Sailing World’s Boat of The Year award and SAIL Magazine’s Top 10 Award.  The First 36.7 has been winning on the racecourse, too.   She recently won the IMS World Championships in Italy and has been bringing home the  silver at many regional regattas across the US.

It will be great to see how one of our local First 36.7’s, Reasonable Doubt, sails in the upcoming Leukemia Cup June 22-23. She did quite well in the Sperry Regatta last month. We have two 36.7’s here now. We have immediate interest from three other parties. WE COULD EASILY HAVE A FLEET HERE! JOIN THE FUN!

The Neat Websites of the Month  All kinds of neat boating stuff that is made in Dallas. Have you seen the add on stern-perch seats that everyone seems to love? This is the location where to find them and other neat Boat Gadgets If you like the boating and island type of music, check out our own local Kelly McGuire’s website. Kelly was a yacht broker many years ago when I first meet him and years ago he decided to follow his heart and return to signing and songwriting. His first album “Redfish Island” is just terrific and very original. He’s working on his second album now and I’m looking forward to buying it ASAP. 

Tip of the Month

Make sure you’re cleaning out the strainer on your air conditioning salt-water strainer and clean out the return air filter at least once a month in the summer. Most people don’t know that the warmer the water and the faster the flow of  water that one of those pumps puts out makes the growth of the little critters in there blossom even faster this time of the year. Also to clean out the condensation tray on your air’s evaporator, pour a little bottle of hydrogen peroxide into the tray every 6 months to keep the drain line more open and the growth down

As I have always said, I’m here to help you in any way I can with a new or used boat or just for advice regarding gear and equipment. I have over 17 years of selling yachts. I’ve equipped countless yachts for offshore passage making and I’m sure my experience can help you. Whether you’re interested in one of our listings or a listing nationally or internationally, contact me and let me explain how I can make the process much easier. I literally can help you with any boat in the world.  Thanks for reading my newsletter!!! 

     Kent Little

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