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Sea Lake Yacht Sales 2004 Photo Contest

photo contest for the best picture that depicts having fun on your boat.

Prizes will be awarded for the best pictures submitted.

Categories to be judged will be:
  1. Best Family Shot having fun
  2. Best shot of kids having fun on the boat
  3. Best shot of Pets having fun on the boat
  4. Best shot of a chef having fun on the boat
  5. Funniest Disaster Shot
  6. Prettiest Family in Sunset Shot
  7. Most Interesting Photo taken on a boat shot

Entering is easy, just send along your best photo depicting you, your family or friends having fun in the sun on your boat.

Along with your photograph, send:

  1. A brief description of when the picture was taken
  2. The make and model of the boat where the picture was taken
  3. If known, who took the picture
  4. Your phone and address

Pictures will be posted on our web sight in a photo gallery. Our panel of judges will select the pictures that best depicts you having fun on your boat.

Prizes will be awarded October 23, 2004.

Watch for more details in our newsletter, meanwhile lets see those photos.

Entries can be emailed to xavier@sealakeyachts.com

or mail photographs to:

Xavier Varela
Sea Lake Yacht Sales
1500 Marina Bay Dr. Suite 1611
Kemah, Texas 77565

Copyrights and Permissions

The photographer must hold the copyright to all photos he or she submits to the contest. Photographs that violate the laws of copyright will be disqualified.

The use of public domain images is prohibited.

By submitting an image to Sea Lake Yacht Sales, you hereby grant Sea Lake Yacht Sales permission and rights to store, display, and use the image, its thumbnails, and your name as the photographer, indefinitely on any of Sea Lake Yacht Sales web sites and in any of Sea Lake Yacht Sales advertising or promotional materials both printed and on-line.

Photographers must have sufficient permission of any recognizable models or other persons appearing in the photograph to be able to grant to Sea Lake Yacht Sales the right to display their photographic submission online.

Any contest submissions that receive legal challenges from either copyright or insufficient model permissions will be removed.

Image Modifications

Cropping and Rotation: Images may be cropped and rotated as long as a rectangular format is maintained.

Resizing: Images may be resized as long as aspect ratio is maintained.

Borders and Frames: No borders or frames shall be added to images prior to submission.

Spot Editing, including Red-eye Removal: Spot editing refers to the application of a change or effect to a selected portion of a photo. Spot editing and red-eye removal are permitted for the purpose of improving the appearance of a photograph and to give it a more natural look.

Adding or Replacing Elements: Elements or objects that do not exist in the original photo shall not be added to an image. For example, you can not improve a sky by replacing it with a sky from another photograph.

There are no age limit restrictions except where prohibited by law.

You may submit an unlimited number of entries

Obscene, provocative, or otherwise prurient content will not be considered. Photographs containing nudity will not be considered. Nudity is defined as the torso being completely or partially unclothed below the waist for all models and above the waist for female models. Sea Lake Yacht Sales retains sole discretion as to what constitutes unsuitable content.

The decisions of the judges are final.

System malfunctions, network delays, and other technical problems can happen and Sea Lake Yacht Sales is not responsible to assure photos are submitted to the contest, nor does it make any guarantees of when the photos will be entered into the website.

Employees of Sea Lake Yacht Sales and their families, are not eligible to enter the contest. Contest judges are not eligible to enter the contest during their judging tenure.

All federal, state, provincial, and local laws apply.

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