By Kent Little

September 2003 Newsletter

Welcome to Sea Lake Yacht Sales First Newsletter that combines every broker in the office. If you have received an emailed newsletter from one of the brokers in the past, you will be fairly familiar with this. If not, then let us tell you that we generally send out a monthly newsletter of what is happening here at Sea Lake. Every month we will tell you about, new and upcoming boat models, new listings and exciting news about the Clear Lake and Galveston Bay Area. Occasionally a deal comes along that is just too super to wait and we may send out a quick bulletin to let everyone know. It is also important to know that our mailing list is private and will not be given out to anyone else. Your privacy is important to us If by chance you do not prefer to receive this news just send us a reply with unsubscribe in the subject line and we will remove you from our mailings. Or if you prefer another email address to be used, just let us know.


The largest boat show of the year, the Fall In The Water Boat Show, Oct 2-5, is almost upon us. This show is held every year right here at Watergate Marina where our office is. We'll have a huge display this year and for a limited time we will be offering boat show pricing in advance of the boat show. That's right, right now you can come in and select the model you want and receive the same deal that we would offer at the show plus an extra bonus for your deposit on an in stock or ordered boat prior to the show opening.

Right now we are planning to show these models:

Beneteau 473
Beneteau 423
Beneteau 393
Beneteau 331
Beneteau 36.7
Catalina 470
Catalina 387 (brand new for 2004)
Catalina 350
Catalina 310
Catalina 22 MKII
Catalina 250

Albin 28 Tournament Express (new flush aft deck version for 2004)
Albin 36 Express Trawler (close out price)

Packet Craft 360 by Island Packet Yachts (close out price)
Island Packet 370 (new for 2004)
Some Boats will be on Pier 10 in the show and the rest on our dock, Pier 23, which is literally at the tent entrance to your right.

Every model in stock or that can be ordered has a boat show special. Contact your broker for details.

Sea Lake has enhanced our power boat business! We have now hired a full time Power Boat Broker. Shane Peeples has many years experience in power boat sales and will be happy to assist you with a new Albin, Packet Craft or the new line of Beneteau Power Boats that will be coming out later this Fall. Shane is also soliciting select brokerage to fill the demand that we have. You can reach him direct at 281-334-2579

As mentioned, Beneteau has decided to finally bring their popular range of power boats into the US. Starting with an all new 42' Fast Trawler that was designed exclusively for the US Market. There have only been 5 dealers appointed in the US to be dealers for this new boat and we are happy to announce that Sea Lake has been appointed as one of those dealers. This boat will debut this fall and Sea Lake will be one of the first dealers to receive a boat later this year.

They will also be importing 3 other models from their European power boat line called the Antares. The 3 models are 33', 36', and 46'. All are more sedan bridge style boats and will have the beautiful interior that Beneteau is known for with centerline style owner's berths forward. A full personal inspection of the boat will be done this October by Sea Lake principles and we should be able to provide interested clients will all the full details then. We feel that demand will far outstrip supply of these new models Please reply to this email to get on our emailed news list for updates.

Our new Albin 28 Flush Aft Deck has arrived and our service Manager, Keith Lapinta, who has been with Sea Lake for 13 years now, took the boat out and had these comments: "After fueling the Albin 28 with approx. 120 gallons of fuel I took the boat out on the lake and at 3800 rpm's the SOG (speed over ground on the GPS) was an impressive 29.1 knots with an occasional 30 plus. The boat handles well-- a solid ride.

Just listed
'86 Ericson 35-Hard to find clean cruiser for only $59,900
'77 Cheribuni 44 Was listed previously at 180K and taken off the market as her owner wanted to use her another year. Now relisted at $169,000. A very traditional classic design.
'00 Beneteau 461-electric primaries, gen-set, a/c, raft etc. Asking 270K
'98 Beneteau 461-2 cabin. Fully loaded with a/c, gen-set and davits. Asking price is pending.
83 Catalina 30-One owner, very clean, only asking $27,500

Just lowered
'98 Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37 lowered down to 209995 and now under contract
'80 Endeavour 37 (A Plan) from $44,900 to $41,900 now to $39900/. A lot of boat for the money.
'90 CT (Ta Chiao) 56 from $499 to $410 now to $399K
'81 Cape Dory 33 from $54K to $48,500-Full keel cruisers like this are hard to find
'79 Catalina 25 trade in to $5,900-just make us an offer.
'99 Catalina 36 from $99,500 to $92500
'89 Catalina 42 from 112K to $109,500
'00 Catalina 36 from $124,900 to $119,995
Price Correction '81 Vagabond 47 was lowered to $169K from $179K.

Just arrived
2004 Albin 28
2004 Catalina 310 and Catalina 350

Contracted and Sold or Deal Pending since the last newsletter:
Island Packet 35- previous Sea Lake Client
1990 Island Packet 27 -previous Sea Lake Client
'86 Catalina 34' -sold from our website.
'95 Island Packet 40 -previous Sea Lake Client
'93 Catalina 42 " Big Fun"
'91 Catalina 30-sold from Walk In traffic
'76 Gulfstar 50-sold from our website
'76 Downeast 38-sold from our website
'84 Ericson 38-sold as a direct result of the emailed newsletter
'95 Beneteau 42s7-lasted 2 weeks sold from our website
'99 Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37-sold from our website
'85 Endeavour 42-sold from our website
'81 Hans Christian 43-sold from our website
'89 Taswell 43-sold from our website

It is interesting to note that most of our sales continue to be previous satisfied Sea Lake clients and the referrals they send us. After all we have been in business for over 20 years. Still many sales are just from walk in traffic, as we are still widely known as the place for quality boats. And of course our newest source of buyers are coming from our website.

As everyone knows, the web changed everything, but after 3-4 years of most everything in the world being on the net, most clients know now that the web is just a research tool. You still need a broker to represent you in a sale. You need someone who knows the ropes and the ins and outs of this business. You might as well use a team with a combined experience of over 100 years in yacht sales---Your Sea Lake Yacht Sales Team.

We faithfully remain willing to help you in any way we can.

The Sea Lake Yacht Sales Team
Vince Morvillo
David Jackson
Kent Little
Doug Hughes
Josh Johnson
Mattia D'Errico
Shane Peeples


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