Sea Lake Yacht Sales service department is here for you. At our brokerage we pride ourselves in the service you receive after the sale is done. We are successful because we take care of our customers long after the delivery of their boat.

Warranty Procedures


Dear boat owner:

Congratulations on the purchase of your new boat. The Service Department would like you to know we are here to assist you with any warranty problems that may arise. As soon as you get all your information on your boat please make sure to mail all warranty cards, and read your manuals and warranty limitations.

In the event that you have a warranty problem, please follow these simple rules.

We must have access to your boat; either leave a copy of your key or instructions as to how to enter your boat. You may inform us of problems by phone, but any request that you have for warranty must be follow by a written statement. You can fax it to 281-334-4795, Attn.: SERVICE DEPARTMENT.
Be specific, a water leak in the aft cabin or the V-berth is not specific enough. Tell us were is the water coming from. Make sure you didn't leave a hatch or a port open to come back and find some water on the cabin sole.
If you have numerous problems, we will require that you bring your boat to our dock. Please call to schedule a time convenient to you. Your time and ours is valuable. In the event that you request a warranty service and our technician establishes that there was no problems, you will be charge a $30 boat service fee. Make sure you check the problem before you call. We are called many times for electrical problems involving loose or burned out light bulbs.
We service many boats, not only in the Clear Lake area, but Lake Conroe and Corpus Christi. We will take care of warranty problems in the order in which we receive them. Please be patient, especially if we have to order parts, which can take 3-4 weeks.If you have a problem and you take it upon yourself to fix it, please keep in mind that you may void your warranty. Please ask before you start. Once you start the work we can't be responsible to finish it.We do not have rush service. Please, do not call few days before a race, a trip or a regatta and request service before the event.
If you want to be present when your warranty work is being done, call our service department to schedule a time convenient to you. Notice is required one week in advance. Remember, our service department is only open Monday through Friday.Sea Lake takes no responsibility for moving boats. Please don't ask us to move your boat.Please note that water and fuel gauges are estimates readings and not precise instruments.If you need to talk to one of our technicians, please leave a message on our voice mail at (281)538-1059. Ninety percent of the time we are out on the field servicing boats, but we will return your call as soon as we can. If you are calling to check the status of work you are
having done you may speak with Mike Little in the Purchasing/Warranty department or your broker, and he will assist you as best he can.
We hope you will enjoy your boat, and we look forward to working with you in the future.


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