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MARCH 2005
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't d0 than by the things you did do.
So… sail away from the safe harbor. Explore… Dream… Discover…
--- Mark Twain

Mark Twain's quote really makes us think. How about you? Well read on to hear about what we have to offer you this month at SEA LAKE YACHT SALES to help you realize some of your own personal dreams. Subjects we cover in this newsletter are listed below, if you want you can click on any title and jump right to that topic.


Springtime news from Sea Lake Yacht Sales
That's right spring is almost here. March 20th is the official first day of spring. However we are fortunate to already be experiencing many springtime like days right now while the folks up north are still seeing snow. Are you ready for spring? You know it's the best boating season of all and we are prepared to help you with all of your boating needs right now. We have plenty of New Power and Sailboats in stock right now for you to choose from and many more on order due to arrive very soon.
New Boats in stock now or due to arrive soon review
Many of our manufacturers have their production sold out into the fall, but we planned ahead and ordered a large number of new models in advance to keep them in stock and ready for you to hop aboard and go boating. Below is a quick review of what's available now or coming soon along with a link to each of these new models that will give you more details on each of them.

Beneteau 523 (Stock model due to arrive in June)
Beneteau 473 (Stock model due to arrive next week, another on order due August)
Beneteau First 47.7 (On order SOLD arrives April/May)
Beneteau 423 (In stock now on our dock)
Beneteau 393 (On order arrives in May-SOLD, two more for stock due in June)
Beneteau 373 (On order arrives mid-March-SOLD, another stock model due early April)
Beneteau First 36.7 (In stock on our dock)
Beneteau 343 (Three on order are SOLD, two more on order for late spring, first one arrives next week)
Beneteau 323 (In stock boat is SOLD, New one arrives next week)
Catalina Morgan 440 Deck Salon (Just arrived for stock, at the yard now being rigged)
Catalina 400 (In stock now on our dock)
Catalina 387 (In Stock now on our dock)
Catalina 350 (In stock now on our dock, another stock model arrives next week)
Catalina 320 (On order, Arrives April)
Catalina 28 MKII (On order, Arrives April)
Catalina 250 (In stock now, on a trailer at our office)
Catalina 22 Sport (In stock now, on a trailer at our office)

Beneteau Antares 13.80 (In Stock now on our dock)
Beneteau 42 Swift Trawler (In Stock now on our dock)
Beneteau Antares 10.80 (One in stock )
Beneteau Antares 9.80 (In stock now on our dock)
Albin 36 Express Trawler (In Stock on our dock)
Albin 28 Tournament Express (On our dock SOLD, another on order for summer)
Albin 26 Tournament Express (Stock model due to arrive end of March)

The list above represents the largest number of new boats that Sea Lake Yacht Sales has ever had in inventory and on order ever! We are ready to make some great deals to help many new boaters get on the water for this Spring, Summer and Fall. Come by for your own personal boat show right here on our dock and see the huge line up of new boats that we currently have available to choose from.


Open House March 19th.

With all of the new models in stock we have to choose from we have decided to have another OPEN HOUSE on Saturday March 19th from 9AM to 5PM right her at our pier. For those of you who have not come to one of our open houses, that's were we open every new boat on our dock and let you spend as much time as you want just taking a tour of our complete NEW inventory. We will also have some soft drinks and snacks so you can stay as long as you like. The featured boats this time will be the just arrived CATALINA MORGAN 440 Deck Salon and the full line of New BENETEAU POWERBOATS including the Antares models and the Swift Trawler. Again everything in stock will be open to tour so come on down and pick the one that is just right for you!!!

The New Catalina Morgan 440 has just arrived
Come and see the newest, most innovative production boat to come out of any new sailboat factory in many years. This is probably the biggest and best thought out 44 footer we have ever seen. We will be having an open house for this beauty on March 19th after she has been fully commissioned and is on our dock. We also hope to be taking out a lucky few for test sails during our try sailing day. Make time to stop by and at least take a look at this incredible new model being built by Catalina Morgan Yachts.
March/Springtime Specials. Free Autopilot and 3 months with NO PAYMENTS
Purchase any new boat (POWER OR SAIL) in the month of March and receive a FREE autopilot to help make your boating pleasure even greater. Also, interest rates have been holding low but are threatening to increase very soon. For those of you who decide to purchase your next boat in the month of March you should still get an interest rate with the number 5 in front of it. In addition you will have up to three months before your first payment is due… Enjoy boating all spring with NO PAYMENTS!!!

Brokerage list has had many changes over the last few weeks

We have sold a lot of our brokerage boats recently and have also added quite a few new listings. Spring IS approaching fast and the activity in our brokerage boats sure shows it. Just sold… a '85 Beneteau First 32, '89 Island Packet 31, '97 Beneteau 461,
'92 Catalina 50 '87 Pacific Seacraft 37, '85 Beneteau 11.5, '95 Wellcraft 32,
'01 Beneteau 331, '90 Beneteau 50, '01 Beneteau 411, '85 Endeavour 38,
'99 Hunter Vision 36, '85 Westerley 36, '89 Catalina 34, '01 Catalina 310,
'88 Catalina 27, '03 Beneteau 393, '87 Pearson 31 and a'00 Beneteau 461…
A BIG THANK YOU to all of these happy new boat owners (you know who you are). We know you will spend many enjoyable days and nights on the water having fun with your friends and family.
As you can see we have really been very busy getting new boaters on the water. However it seems as quick as we sell them we are adding new listings. We still have well over 100 previously enjoyed boats to select from on our brokerage list and any one of them could be the perfect match for you!

Some of our NEW LISTINGS and recent TRADES include

a'92 Catalina 42 (dealer trade in), '04 Catalina 320, 02 Catalina 28MKII, '88 Morgan 41 Out Island, '99 Catalina 380, '96 Hunter 37, '78 CSY 37, '87 Hunter 375 (dealer trade in),'00 Hunter 340, '01 Beneteau 331, '98 Beneteau 321,'96 Catalina 320, '97 Hunter 310, '99 Catalina 320 (dealer trade in), '02 Sea Ray 310 Sundancer, '91 Catalina 30,
'84 Kirie Elite 28, '86 Newport 28, '97 Beneteau 281 (dealer trade in),
'00 Bayliner 2855 (dealer trade in), '80 S2 28 (dealer trade in), '97 Chapparal 27,
and a Catalina 250 with trailer (dealer trade in)
Again we have added many new listings and Dealer Trades for you to choose from and the list seems to change every day. Come and see many of these, right here on pier 23 in Watergate Yachting Center. If you would like to review our complete list of Brokerage boats now available along with photos on most of them.
And remember your trade will always be considered on any dealer trade in or new boat that we have in inventory… Let's talk trades!
Finally do not miss our "Try Sailing" and "Go Boating" Days!!!

If you have already called or emailed us to register for one of these days, do not worry, we have a list compiled and will start calling all of you to schedule times very shortly after we have decided which of our new boats we will be taking out for these events.
For those of you who have not sign up or have not heard about this offer.
The "Try Sailing Day" (for sailboats) will be Saturday March 26th and the "Go Boating Day" (for powerboats) is set for Saturday April 2nd. This is your opportunity to go for a FREE boat ride on one of our new in stock sail or powerboats. Sea Lake provides a hired Captain and he will take you out on Galveston bay for about a 2 hour boating adventure.
Simply call or email us to get on the list.

Phone 281-334-1993 or send an email to with either Try Sailing or Go Boating in the subject line.

We are looking forward to filling up many of our new boats and taking as many of you out on the water as we can handle during these two dates.
Please do not delay responding as our space and available time slots will be limited.

Remember. "You won't know until you try it and you won't know what you're missing till you do it".

Please stop by and see us soon here at Sea Lake Yacht Sales, where we are always.

"Sharing our passion, knowledge and experience to help you chart your course to the right yacht"

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