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Houston has the 3rd largest port in the nation and Sea Lake Yacht Sales is fortunate to be centered in the middle of the 3rd largest concentration of pleasure boats in the US. So when it comes to boating, outfitting a boat for racing or cruising, whether it be power or sail, we have over 20 years experience. We are located within a five mile radius of the best, installers, sailmakers, and experts in every field you can imagine when in comes to outfitting or equipping a boat. We use these same experts to outfit our new boats. We use experts in every field from electronics and rigging to fiberglass and complex system installations such as generators and air conditioning. Sea Lakes vast experience in outfitting boats for over 20 years has given us the edge over the competition. From installations to a delivery captain we can find the answer to your question. Even if it's as simple as just wanting to find out about our local sailing or boating events. Just ask us by filling out the form below.

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