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Are you new to sailing or want to improve your skills?
At Sea Lake Yacht Sales we can put you in touch with the right sailing instructor.
Picture someone you know who's happy and content.
He or she learned how to do something most people never do in their entire lives.
Dear Outdoor Enthusiast:
Remember when you first learned to ride your bike? Put on a pair of skis for the first time? Remember the adrenaline rush as you wobbled down the driveway (or slope)? Do you ever wonder what it would be like to again ride that euphoric rush of a new and challenging experience?
I'm talking about Sailing...the ultimate Adventure on one of our vast frontiers!
Quite frankly, it's really difficult to explain what it's like...this joy called sailing. I can only tell you that it is an energy unlike anything else you've experienced. Ever.
I could describe the sudden sense of freedom as the sails fill with wind. Rejuvenation. Relaxation. A total release from stress as the sun caresses you. Your boat gently gliding through those glassy crests. The sound of the wind ruffling the canvas, and the smiles on the faces of those beside you as you unleash your spirit to the energy of the sea. Confidence.
But you won't really understand. Until you do it.
Sailing has changed my life.
At Sea Lake Yacht Sales, we can change your life as well.
Come out and "Try Sailing" with us and see how much fun it is. We use our 22 to 27 foot sailboats and a licensed captain/sailing instructor to show you how easy sailing can be. We will take you out on a mini two-hour introduction sail from the Sea Lake Yachts Sales pier in Watergate Marina, to the protected waters of Clear Lake.
We assume you are new to sailing and start from the beginning. The topics covered in this class are: Terminology, USCG Requirements,Different boat types, How a Boat Sails, The Sailing Circle and Points of Sail, Tacking, Gybing, Knots, Basic Rules of the Road, VHF Radio Usage, and Anchoring. This course is normally taught in two consecutive four-hour sessions.
In this class we pick up from where basic sailing left off. The topics covered in this class are: Engine Basics, Checks and Starting Procedures, Boat Maneuvering and outside effects on the Boat, Docking, Chart Introduction and Basic Plotting, Weather Including Wind, Clouds and Current, Man Overboard Recovery, Reefing, Heeling, and Heave to. This course is normally taught in two consecutive four-hour sessions. Each four-hour sessions has about one hour classroom and three plus hours hands on sailing.
If you have your own boat and want to learn sailing or may be brush up on some of your skills, then these private lessons are for you.
Give us a call or fill out this FORM and we will get back to you very soon.
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