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September 2006

We had a wonderful family Labor Day Weekend at Offats Bayou in Galveston on our boat. Although a straight motor all the way there due to light air we were pleasantly surprised on Monday by a great 15-20 kt beam reach from the time we hit the Ship Channel off the ICW till we made the turn at Redfish. My wife, Liz, steered all the way and had the old Catalina 320 up to about a steady 7 knots. After we turned downwind to sail to the Kemah Bridge the wind had lightened some but the sail was still very enjoyable. Everything was going well, to well in fact as "Murphy" was about to get us.

Close to the Kemah Bridge I went to go and start the engine and there was no power. So we sailed back out some while I trouble shot the problem. Everything else on the boat was working and after installing two 4D AGM's batteries I have about 400 amp hours so I knew the batteries were good, but there was no power to the key switch or the engine panel at all. Hmmmm, what to do? Call Sea Tow or Boat US for a tow? Well not if I didn't have too. After all it was Labor Day and I could hear them on the radio all the way from Galveston talking about the tows they were hauling in from all the folks that hadn't done any maintenance all year on their boats but were sure going to go out that last holiday of the summer only to find out that yes, the fuel does go bad and yes, you should change the water pump impeller more than once every 5 years. Besides by the time we waited for them maybe whatever Gremlin attacked the power might go away. Of course it didn't.

After an hour of troubleshooting, and electrical is not my forte, and much contemplating I told Liz, the wind is nearly North to Northeast. I think we can sail in if the tide is not outgoing. To my surprise she said OK. So off we went. She drove and I trimmed and the girls seemed more content to capture love bugs than to worry about what we were going to try. They already know their Dad is nuts anyway. To me it was no big deal I was more worried about someone hitting us because we may be moving so slow. We've done this before but not on a holiday weekend and not in this much traffic.

Beneteau 36.7 "Jaz"
1980 Hans Christian

I gave ideas to Liz of what to expect and what we would do if this plan suddenly turned on us. The air had really lightened down to 4-5 kts and as we got closer to Landry's I was asking her for a SOG (GPS boat speed) reading about every 30 seconds as I wanted to find out if the tide was stopping us as the boat speed was barely approaching 2.5 kts. Some how by the time we got to the actual boardwalk we had little traffic coming or going and the channel nearly to ourselves. It appeared the tide was slack. I would attribute some of that to the power of Liz's Prayers! We made it under the Kemah Bridge and she asked for the next plan. I said keep going the hardest part is over. The turn north in the channel, where the Sundance Grill is, may be the toughest tack and if we can't make it we'll turn around and sail back into Seabrook Shipyard.

That North Channel turned out to nearly do us in. We had all sorts of boats coming and going and beam wise across the channel it was tight. I about died when I saw the 50 Trimaran I sold two years ago that has about a 32' beam turn down into the channel heading out as we just didn't need that big of a boat to take up what little width of the channel we had left. Even the Kemah Police Boat was there and he followed us for a bit and I kept wondering if what we were doing was illegal? At one time he was literally 5 feet off our transom and I looked back at him and he kind off nodded and backed off. I think he could tell by no water coming out the exhaust that this was for real.

We luffed a few times in the channel due more to the high embankment and the buildings that the shipyard has that blocked the wind but we made it very slowly at a minimum of one knot of boat speed at one point but we were still moving.

The turn into the lake and facing nearly west again we were off wind so the speed picked up but the north channel entrance into Lakewood Yacht Club was also going to be an unwind sail and it was. Plus we had to clear the curved bulkhead (even further upwind than the channel) of the marina entrance. At this point I knew we were "home free". The worse thing that could happen was to sail into the lake, toss out the anchor and call someone to come give us a short tow into the marina. However we had done so well up to this point there was no sense giving up now.

There were boats coming out the other side of the Lakewood channel and boats coming in behind us so there was no option to tack. To clear that bulkhead meant we were literally had to sail aiming at it as fast as we could, 2 whole knots, and then at the last minute turn into the wind and hope the momentum would carry us around it. At this point I had my oldest daughter, Jordan, with a fender loose in her hand ready to just drop it over the side if we were to hit the bulkhead but the plan worked and we cleared it by 2' and the turn more west gave us plenty of boat speed again so I dropped the main because now we're in the marina channel which is basically a one boat channel surrounded by docks (none of which are empty) on one side and the breakwater bulkhead which protects Lakewood's West Harbor from the wave action on Clear Lake. Luckily there was no one coming out. We were only 1-2 turns from making our slip and I knew the next turn was dead up wind but we did have a wide enough fairway to be able tack once. So I told Liz, as soon as we clearing the fairway to our right aim for that boat on the end with the red canvas, of course the owners who I knew because I sold them the boat, are on deck and are wondering why is this boat sailing essentially in the marina. We came close enough that I could touch their dingy on the transom and we tacked but just then we got headed by a bit of a gust in the tack and the momentum of the boat had just died and the only way to get her moving again was to literally turn around which meant sailing back out. I now knew we couldn't make it to our slip from here even though it was only 100' away but we had to turn back down some to get some steerage, when Jordan said, "Put it in that slip right there" and sure enough just in front of us was a nice 50-60' slip that we drifted into just like we had planned it all along.

Needless to say it's a Labor Day my family will soon not forget and after we were comfortably tied up and the A/C running Liz and I looked at each other and laughed knowing that even though maybe it was not the best thing to do, it worked and even our girls knew we all had accomplished this by working together. Isn't life grand?!

For those of you who want to read about our July BVI Adventure Click HERE.


Don't forget our fall boat show is Sept 28th thru Oct 1 and we'll have a full set of new boats for you to inspect. Including the new Beneteau First 10R that has turned heads from the day she arrived in the yard. For those of you waiting for the racing packages we're putting together on this boat it's nearly done and will be in the mail.

Also I have a new Dark Green Beneteau 423 that just arrived. She has just about every option including an electric furling winch and a bow thruster. She's a beauty that's for sure with nothing like her on the Texas coast.

In addition we'll also have the new Catalina 309, which is the first one in the area. This boat is the replacement for the Catalina 30 and it's a wonderful well thought out replacement for a boat that over 6000 were made. With the boat show specials in effect, a fully loaded up new 309 with A/C and a furling rig is around $110K.

Of course all the boats will have factory-sponsored boat show specials and I've got most of those details now so if you want to talk about striking a deal on something before the crowds, let's talk now. Lead times on some of these boats are already into the spring of 07!

Right after our show is the Annapolis Show. Oct 5-9 and I will be there the 5-6th so if you're coming up to see some boats let me know and I will be glad to meet you and show you them personally. I understand Catalina may have a new 32 coming out and Beneteau's new 46, 49 and the new First 50 will be there. I already have a new 49 two-cabin layout on order for a December delivery and we'll have a 46 on order for early in 07. I do have some secret photos of each if you're interested email me back.

Also don't forget that the Lakewood Harvest Moon Regatta this year is the same dates as the Annapolis Show so I'm afraid to say that I probably will not be coming down this year since I get back the day after the race starts. Sea Lake is still a proud sponsor of the race and I'm sure some of the Sea Lake Crew will be down there.

If your boat key chains are getting worn out and you need some new ones I just had some nice ones made. If you're in need of one stop by my office and pick one up.


1991 C&C 40' (37+) Just arrived to the dock. Commonly called a 37 Plus this boat is really a 40'. She was called a 37 PLUS to distinguish her from the R model which was a full race boat and had no interior. To the contrary, this boat is cruise equipped with A/C, gen-set and updated sails and electronics and has also had a lot of constant upgrading including an awlgripped hull since 2003. Accurately priced at $129,995.

1979 Morgan 46. Center cockpit ketch. Just arrived to the dock. The same owner these past 16 years has spent a ton of money on this boat making her very very nice. She no where near shows her age. For Example: Her hull is awlgripped dark blue, she has an in mast furling with a brand new mainsail. These heavy built center cockpits were always popular but it's getting harder and harder to find a nice one. Asking is $138,900

BARELY MADE THE NEWSLETTER--Ericson 33, Ron Holland design and a one owner boat since new. TONS of money spent keeping her nice. Details pending $40K asking.


1987 Vagabond 42 - SOLD SOLD SOLD IN 6 WEEKS!

2002 Beneteau 36.7-Jaz has the optional shoal draft and all new Quantum sails and Tack Tick wireless electronics. Jaz has also had a recent full waxing of the hull and deck. Reduced to $124,900

1998 Pacific Seacraft 44 - FOR THOSE WHO WANTED TO SEE THIS BOAT, She has JUST ARRIVED ON THE DOCK. We have a 4 month old survey showing the market value at around $475K. This boat has already been reduced AGAIN TO $399K and her owner is very anxious to move here ASAP.

2001 Moody 42 Center Cockpit -Great one owner boat sold new by me. Every option. A very recent and complete Survey just done shows her market value at $325K. Now reduced to $285K! Just try to find a quality late model center cockpit that has a bow thruster, gen-set, a/c, radar and in mast furling as well as recently added custom davits and a new awlgripped hull for this price. I can't believe no one has moved on this boat yet!

REDUCED 1985 Endeavour 38 Center Cockpit. A rare one. Few made but a popular boat especially if you're wanting that aft owners cabin and a 2 head arrangement in a boat under 40'. That's a tough boat to find. This boat should move fast now that she's REDUCED TO $79995.

1983 Hunter 31 A nice wheel diesel boat with Marine A/C a recent bottom job and all new canvas for $25K now REDUCED TO $22,500.

1990 Pearson 34. A boat ahead of it's time. Centerline queen berth forward and a head with a separate shower. Gloss varnished exterior and constantly waxed. REDUCED TO $69,995

2000 Albin 28 Tournament Express, Single diesel with Bow Thruster, up dated electronics, A/C and Gen-set and covered shed sling kept. REDUCED TO $114500.

1990 High Tech Wide Body Motor Yacht. Incredible 3 stateroom 3 head layout with a full walk in engine room. Wonderful, clean condition. Trawler speeds with economical diesels. REDUCED TO $285K.

2001/1999 Catalina 36 I have two. BOTH JUST REDUCED THIS MONTH! Both have the same layout and standard main as well as A/C. The 01 is here in clear lake and also has a Radar/plotter and is asking $119,900. The 99 is Lake Grapevine (Dallas) and is asking $104,995. I sold both to the current owners and both are nice

2000 Catalina 470- I have two. One, C'est Tout, is located here close by. The other, Lotta Quarters, is in Port Aransas. C'est Tout was just lowered $10K to 279,900. Both boats are now the same asking. Replacement on either boat is near $400K and they both have low hours.

1984 Irwin Citation 31-DEALER TRADE IN OTHER TRADES CONSIDERED. Updated yanmar diesel, wheel steering, marine a/c. A lot of boat for a reduced price of $28900

1984 Starwind 27- Same as the Endeavour 33, been here all it's life and I sold her to the current owner in 2001. She has a BRAND NEW Marine A/C. AND the owner spent about $2K having the engine and fuel system gone thru so its ready! Also has furling, wheel steering and a diesel. A great way to get into sailing for $17500 asking. IN FACT TRY 15K AND YOU MIGHT OWN HER!

1989 Nautor Swan 61. This is the boat I sailed through Panama Canal 3 years ago and from St. Thomas to Bermuda last year. She is still lying in Westbrook Ct but will be coming south at the end of Oct to probably the Bahamas and South Florida area. Her asking is $730K and the there has probably been over $200K spent on her just in the last year. Only a handful of these were made and her replacement would now be in excess of $2M. Valiant is one of the few Swans that has a real cruising interior. Plenty of room for a large family and could comfortable take you around the world.

1979 Islander Freeport 36-Original Owner! Should arrive to my dock by the end of this month. $65K

1980 Hans 38 MK II I sold this boat to the current owner about 10 years ago and he has done nothing but maintain the boat and upgrade it. These traditional full keel classic designs are getting harder and harder to find that are in decent shape and this would be in the top 10 of anyone looking for this particular boat because of what the owner has done to her-constant maintenance and upgrading that is all documented including a new Yanmar diesel just last year. Do not let the "age" of the boat fool you. This boat is sure to holds it value or perhaps go up some as the replacement cost on this type of boat exceeds $350K. The asking is currently a reasonable $129K


1983 Endeavour 33-Same owner these past 10 years and always a Galveston Bay Boat. Has A/C and has been properly maintained. A nice quality boat for $43,500 that should not last long in this market. NOW ON THE DOCK


2000 10' caribe RIB w/ bimini, ladder, tiller extension, weaver mounting system used to mount the dink on a power boat transom, & a 2001 15 HP 2 cycle Yamaha.
Asking $3200 which seems reasonable as clean as it looks and appears to have been stored inside on the trailer. Boat is in Austin
Contact: Owner direct Jack Ford 512-799-6621. Mention it came from Kent Little

50amp 125Vt (that is one dog leg on the plug going out) 50' shore power cord. Get a spare for your boat or stop dragging yours on the boat to store it to go to Galveston or some other marina. Buy this one and have a spare. This cord is NOT new but is not UV weathered and was stored indoors. A bit dirty on the yellow but both plug ends are like new. New at West marine around $4-500. $125 firm for this one. At my office. First one to email back to that you want it gets it and then send me a check.

As a note most all of the above listings I know really well because I sold them to the current and or even the previous owner.

Some of the brokers in my office just listed some Nice Boats, Here are my impressions:

93 Catalina 42 Just listed and only $129,995. This is the first year of the varnished interior and two cabin arrangement. I was impressed with her condition on my first inspection and she should not last long.

1984 Belliure 40. No I guarantee you you've never heard of this boat but if you've seen it around here you'd remember it. A very High Quality Spain Yard built this boat ( and it's as graceful below decks as above. Very Classic looking with a wonderful interior. Here on the bay all her life and untold amounts of money spent maintaining her. Asking is $179K and my guess is the replacement would be $500K

2005 J/109 If you're looking for this one design style this has got to be the nicest in the area. Asking $239K

2003 Cape Fear 38 Here again A High Performace Race Boat with little to no interior but with a 48 rating it does fly. Asking is 209K

Beneteau 331's Multiple year models boats just listed but we have a 2000 Trade in with in mast furling and a/c that will be 89K asking and OTHER TRADES CONSIDERED

I'm always happy to hear any of your feedback about my newsletters.

Please call or email me for all the particulars on any boat new or used that I have listed or if you'd like the same level of professional representation, I'd be happy to help you with a co-brokerage boat. I can literally help you with any boat any where. Just call and we're on our way.

Kent Little

Kent Little, CPYB
Please use my 23 Years of Professional Yacht Sales Experience
to help you buy any boat, anywhere.

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