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What do our customers say?
ea Lake Yacht Sales has been in business for over 20 years. Our customers write often to tell us about their boat buying experience and to let us know how well we have done. We hope that you will take the time to read a few of these letters and experience for yourself our knowledgeable staff and outstanding service that we call the Sea Lake Yacht Sales Difference.

Sent: December 10, 2004 by email


We are now the proud owners of a Benneteau 373, thanks to your staff at SeaLake Yachts.

I wanted to bring to your attention the wonderful job that your staff did, in making my wife and I feel extremely comfortable, in the whole purchasing experience.

Specifically, I want to mention the time, patience and professionalism that Josh Johnson executed in the whole process. He put up with our questions that were, I am sure, repeated over and over, intelligent and dumb; our indecision on whether we should buy bigger or smaller, longer or shorter, one head, two heads, etc, etc..

The purchasing of a boat, especially to rookies like ourselves, needs people like Josh, otherwise potential customers would walk away, one after the other. Josh’s patience is what made the sale happen. Josh took us out on similar vessels 2 or 3 times, before we made our final decision. He arranged to go out on your boats and he arranged days with previous clients and to make their boats available.

We are now going to move on and improve our knowledge on our own boat. Somehow I know that if we need help in the future, Josh and your staff will be available to help us. Whether it is to help us on problems, advise us, or help us eventually with the purchase of a larger vessel, when we are comfortable to move to that point.

For the time being, we have our hands full with the 373.

Thanks again for helping us with the experience of owning our own sailboat.

Best regards

G & R E

Sent: October 11, 2004 by letter


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate Mike Little and how he has taken care of all the problems we have had with our boat. He has been very helpful, corteous and professional in all details and we just wanted to be sure you knew what a quality employee you had. It is not often that you run across a person the caliber of Mike, who cares about the company he represents and takes such good care of his customers.


Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Thank you very much for all of your hard work and additional services related to my purchase of Rare Breed. Even during the time of the death in your family you were constantly in contact with me. In my opinion you went over and above the normal responsibilities of a Broker, which really did help make the difference in my decision to buy this boat rather than one in Chicago.

When I see folks like my friend Jay Lutz I will be sure to mention this experience.

Thanks again,

Send by survey
Owner of Catalina 25

June 28th, 2004

Thank you, thank you, if it wasn't for you we wouldn't be sailing, you have made us Raving Fans! your service and friendliness have really make us feel welcome to the community, would like to find a good deal on a Catalina 30 in the next 6 months to a year.

M and K R

From: T R
Wednesday, June 23, 2004
Subject: Re: Dionysus

I told this to Kent and will share it with you. I am very impressed with Sea lake's after sales service. You guys did more than I expected. We would be happy to act as references for potential future customers.


From Ernie via email

Sent: Thursday, May 06, 2004

RE: 2004 Beneteau 423


We are in Naples, FL getting ready to head for the Dry Tortugas, around the Keys, across to Bimini, and follow the "Thornless Passage South" to Trinidad and Bonaire. I don't know if I can put into words the THANKS that Sandy and I owe you for your patience while we looked and looked at boats and tried to pick out the perfect one. The 423 is just the right size and with everything that came with it and the equipment we had put on, makes a very comfortable and great sailing machine. The Sea Lake crew also has to be commended for the great job they did for commissioning and the follow-up work. We have been out one month now and all the systems work great. The water maker is giving us fresh water, the generator works well and is quiet. I've already used the air compressor to fill five dive tanks but I am going to have to tighten the belt before the next fill up. Speaking of fill ups, this 55hp Volvo is great. We run between 1500 and 2000rpm's and use .74 gallons per hour. The winds have not been good to us and about half the time we were in the ICW so we had to motor most of the time. The engine has had a good work out and it does great. We have been able to sail a little and this boat is fast and steady.

I must commend Derek Day for the work he did on installing all the systems. He did it so the end user had the least trouble using them and the ease of getting to them for the maintenance checks is great. Derek did a great job and I recommend him for all your boat work.

The work North Canvas did on the Bimini and the side curtains was very good and I am glad you recommended that we go with them. It has been cold and they are set up so you can motor or sail all buttoned up and cozy while others have three layers of gore-tex on.

We did have a problem with the sailmail and Sat-phone but in the nest slip was a software expert and he was able to get it all operational. So far that's the only problem we have had with any system on this boat.

Thanks for everything, we'll let you know how things are going.

E. & S. C.

April 18, 2004

From: K K
Sent: Sunday, April 18, 2004

Dear Mr. Foss,

In response to your Letter of 2, March 2004..........

Additionally, since I am emailing you, I would like to send a long overdue written commendation, strongly commending the Sea Lake Yacht Sales and Maintenance Team.

From the first Sail Trial Ride, to see if I could even do this, to the most recent maintenance repairs, Sea Lake Yachts has been outstanding in every aspect of this experience.

Regarding the Sale itself, Doug Hughes has been the consummate professional. He has always been there to answer questions and to provide guidance. The sales transaction of the vessel went off without a hitch and there was no pressure, by either Vince or Doug, to try to get me into a bigger boat. (Vince and Doug tried to match the perfect boat in terms of my headroom, my experience level, budget and what my wife and I wanted to accomplish with this the boat).

After the sale, during the breaking-in and warranty period, Mike Little and his team were always available to quickly repair any warrantied items and to give advice on the best way to outfit the vessel and break-in the boat. Mike has spent a great deal of time answering my numerous questions and in guiding me through the process of getting my boat into top notch condition, explaining what makes sense and what probably doesn't make sense, in terms of added equipment and sails. His devotion to his job and his pleasant manner with customers is unequaled in my opinion.

In conclusion, when I do trade or buy up, I will be first contacting Sea Lake Yacht Sales. They are an outstanding broker and extremely professional in all facets of the process of buying a new sailboat. They do credit both to Beneteau and to the Sail Yachting Industry at large. Well Done!

Yours truly,


February 6, 2004

Dear Vince,

I wanted to let you know how happy I was with the whole process of buying a yacht from Sea Lake Yacht Sales.

The two most important things to me, the things that would make me a return customer, and the things that would cause me to recommend Sea Lake Yacht Sales to others are customer service, and information.

My initial contact was with Kent Little, and although I stopped in looking for Mattia (his name had come up on more than one occasion on the Catalina 30 Owners Web Site) Kent went a long way towards making me feel comfortable, giving me lots of information, and explaining the yacht buying process to me. He then put me in touch with Mattia.

Mattia was outstanding, very responsive to my questions, always followed up on any requests for information that I had. I appreciated his low pressure, low stress approach to searching for my boat, although he is not low pressure when it comes to negotiating the deal. I was fairly happy with the price we had negotiated and Mattia though we could do a little better, and in fact due to his efforts I saved another $1200 I was not expecting to save. Considering that this most likely negatively affected his commission I thought it was exceptionally professional, and definitely solidified my suspicions that he was truly working for me and my best interest.

Due to the previous owners errors in documenting my boat there was a delay in getting the information we needed from the Coast Guard archives. This was frustration for all who were concerned, but every day I received a message say basically, "no new information today". This is very important information to have I think, at least I knew that someone was looking into it every day, and everything that could be done, was being done. I didn't feel like my money was taken, and everyone was on to the next deal. Rick Duryea was outstanding, always promptly returning my calls, providing information, and the actual closing couldn't have been any easier, I was very happy to have him involved.

In closing I think good customer service and constantly providing your customers with updated information are things that are looked over in many businesses today. From the moment I walked in the door at Sea Lake Yacht Sales until the last day of closing on my boat I was provided with information, and good customer service. These are the things that will make me come back.


D. L. M.

All I can say is that I rate Sea Lake A+
for service, because Keith & co. really took care of all our problems
that we had. Fortunately, most were minor and were taken care of within
the first year.


From Jim via email.

Kent, I also wanted to add my thanks to you and the rest of those at Sea Lake for the professional way that I have been treated during this entire process. You guys have done a fantastic job!
J. L. Owner of a new 2002 Beneteau 393

Hi Kent,
I understand you guys are selling a lot of boats. Glad you had a great year. Just wanted to let you know how great the service from Keith has been during the past year. He has had to make several trips to Canyon for numerous small problems. He has responded on a very timely basis and has been great to work with. I would highly recommend your dealership to a prospective buyer with the service a major selling point.

Happy Holidays,

From Larry by email

First, let me say that the boat exceeds all my expectations. Everyone
who I have taken out has just loved it and those with greater sailing
experience than I say it is a real performer.


From Mike by email

I just wanted to let you guys know what a great employee you have in

On Saturday, June 29th, while closing the raw water seacock to my
engine, the flange around the handle broke. This allowed the valve to
leak in the open position. After going to all the supply stores in
Kemah and Seabrook looking for a replacement (with no luck), I called
Keith. He was aware that the part was not available locally, and told me he would call Catalina the first thing Monday morning. He also came over and looked at the
boat to make sure there was no chance of sinking.

To make a long story short, Keith helped me in securing the replacement valve, make arrangements with South Texas Yacht Services to quick-haul the boat, and replaced the broken sea-cock himself. The quick-haul was done on July 4th, a holiday which Keith spent most of his morning working with me to get the problem solved. Keith has always been very helpful, but I thought this was really above and beyond the call of

I just wanted to formally compliment Keith to you guys. I hope you will pass this on to the owner of SeaLake Yachts. Good employees are very hard to find. You all have a great one in Keith.

J. M. S.

MLS member

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